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405 Sherbrooke Est
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Sherbrooke
Bus: STM 24, 30, 144, 427

Visit: June 19, 2011

My father’s side of the family has a tradition on each and every Father’s day. Usually, we’d go to a very specific restaurant for the last 40 years. So, when I heard we were going to this relative unknown, my interest was somewhat peaked. This restaurant is so new (in my opinion), that it can’t even be found on any internet directory. The service seemed very tentative. You could tell by the way they carried out the soup to the various tables. The fact that there were 2 separate entrances made the greeting process quite awkward. The restaurant was about 3/4s full by the time we left.

For the majority of the dishes, I’ll try my best to identify them. When I go to a Chinese restaurant, I go under a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. That’s mostly because I don’t want to find out what I’m putting in my mouth.



This tasted a lot like a chicken soup. I didn’t really like the consistency.

Bowl of Rice


Up until today, I have never seen lobster this big. Also, the portions were quite huge, not only for this dish, but for a lot of the others. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much taste, as the iconic lobster sauce was nowhere in sight.

Lobster Piece

Just for a reference point.

General Tao Chicken

Though the pieces look big and you’re given a lot of it, I found the dish to lack in taste. Once you get over the heat, there isn’t much to it, compared to other similar dishes I’ve tried.

Frog Legs

This is a regular dish that the family orders. I didn’t touch it today and I will never touch it ever. I don’t like the idea of eating or touching frog.

"Fish Pot"

This dish contains your various fish and shrimp in what looks like an edible bowl. The fish was very acceptable and the shrimp was quite large. The items surrounding the “bowl” are scallop pieces. I do not like scallop, therefore I do not touch.

"Mystery Dish"

I’m calling this the mystery dish because I was told one thing and it tasted like something else. I will not argue with the taste whatsoever, because I was one of the better dishes. But, when you tell me this is chicken and it tastes like fish, something has got to give.

Pork Chops

This dish was one of the decent ones. Though, I didn’t exactly like having to work around the bones. Then again, when you eat this, bones are a given.


This dish really frustrated me. It wasn’t because of taste, but because the tofu pieces just kept on falling apart. As the pieces got smaller, they because so much harder to pick up with chop sticks. Therefore, any appreciation for the dish was completely lost in the multiple attempts in trying to pick them up.

Beef and Greens

This dish is as simple as it looks. The beef taste quite good and the greens were just like anything you could get in any restaurant.


I don’t know what this is. This is the second time in three days that I have seen this unfortunate soup dessert. I was told that it was made with beans and it was supposed to be sweet. I managed two sips before giving up. I usually finish everything put in front of me. For this, I knew better.


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