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5700 Cote-des-Neiges
Plaza Cote-des-Neiges
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 92, 160, 165, 435

Visit:  February 21, 2012

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot of one of the first burgers I ever had in my entire life.  I relate it a lot to that episode of How I Met Your Mother, where Marshall scours New York to find that one place where he had that one epic burger.  For me, the only difference was that I knew exactly where it was, but I didn’t know whether or not it still existed.

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784 Cure-Labelle
Laval, Quebec

Delivery Phone #:  (450) 934-5856

Bus:  STL 24, 26, 46, 60, 66, 151

Visit:  January 31, 2012

Wait!  I know what you’re probably thinking, Mr. Lew changed the whole purpose of his blog and is now searching for something a whole lot less PG.  Well, have no fear, this isn’t what you want to think it is.  Lately, I’ve been so wrapped up in other eating endeavors that I somehow only had tried 2 different burgers in 2012 up to this point.  So, this week, I made it my mission to remedy that situation.  I also asked the people who follow what they preferred to see next.  The overwhelming response is what you’re seeing right now and what you’ll see for the next burger, something out of the blue.  For this one, I wasn’t about to choose something along the lines of same-old, same-old.

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