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755 Crémazie E.
Montréal, Québec

Métro:  Crémazie
Bus:  STM 30, 31, 52, 53, 54, 56, 100, 135, 146, 192, 460

Visit:  February 4, 2014


In Montréal, there are those restaurants that we all know.  They are easy on the wallet and they serve all those items that fall under the category of the guilty pleasure.  They are the home of the steamies, poutines, and the extremely greasy French fry.  You may not put much stock into their influence, but they do have some.  One of those places is called Patate Rouge.

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The beginning of a new year is well behind us.  In any line of work, January is a month where things slow down a bit as we all catch our collective breaths from a hectic holiday season.  Here, at the search, it’s business as usual.  2013 was such a landmark year, so much so that the 12 months will have a whole lot of trouble living up.  But, with that being said, I’m going to try with everything I have to make it quite the year.

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5357 Avenue du Parc
Montréal, Québec

Bus:  STM 46, 80, 435, 935

Visit:  January 23, 2014


One of the best things about searching for burgers is the fact that you never quite know where you’re going to find them.  Sometimes, it’s not quite the end result that matters, but the journey it takes to get there.  What makes this even better is that this latest location marries two things I like a whole lot, burgers and Greek restaurants.  The one place you can find this special burgers is at Milos.

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711 Côte de la Place d’Armes
Montréal, Québec

Métro:  Place d’Armes
Bus:  STM 14, 55, 129, 715

Visit:  January 16, 2014


The Montréal restaurant scene in January is somewhat reeling from the holiday season and that’s the perfect moment to do something special.  With business being a little slow at this time of the year, a group of restaurants puts on a special event that features special menus.  For my third year of my experience in Happening Gourmand, we made our way to Kyo.

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19 Sunnydale
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Québec

Bus:  STM 208, 209, 409

Visit:  January 15, 2014

The West Island of Montréal is one special part of this great region we all share.  One of the things that dominates that area is the abundance of big box stores and chain restaurants.  If you’re looking for places that don’t fit those categories, you might be in a for a long search.  But, there are times where places like Dutchys might just pop up.

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For the original burger visit, click HERE.

6835 Taschereau
Brossard, Québec

Bus:  AMT Terminus Panama

Visit:  January 16, 2014


Over the course of the last 4 years, I’ve been on approximately 350 different restaurant visits.  Now, the quality of the majority of those places won’t be enough to leave anyone in awe, but that’s how the cookie crumbled.  With the majority of those places being home to my past burgers, there was always one thought that went through my head.  A lot of those places had better things on the menu than burgers and I never had the chance to try them.  Well, I had the chance to do just that when I made a return visit to Ben & Florentine.

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1874 Sainte-Catherine
Montréal, Québec

Métro:  Papineau
Bus:  STM 10, 15, 34, 45, 150, 769, RTL 170

Visit:  January 13, 2014


In Montréal and other places, there are a whole bunch of restaurants that make their money on delivery and takeout orders.  Their menus offer a very large variety of items and they range from nearly every category of food.    The majority of these places have the option to eat inside the actual restaurant.  While the quality of these places is obvious, visiting them is a whole other deal.  Lafayette Hot Dog fits the bill when it comes to neighborhood restaurant that offers something that might just hit the spot.

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15 Bouchard
Dorval, Québec

Bus:  STM 191, 495, 496

Visit:  January 8, 2014


2014 is well underway and everyone is back in the middle of their normal routines.  The same can be said when it comes to burger business.  Even if the year changes, one can be assured that nothing will be different when it comes to burgers.  With that in mind, the first burger of 2014 for the search comes to us from Dorval at Barbie’s.

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1803 Poirier
Montréal, Québec

Bus:  STM 64, 126, 128, 215, 468

Visit:  December 22, 2013


All you can eat.  Those four words are very powerful when you start to think about it.  There was a time in society where a credo like that would fuel the motivation for someone to eat all that the slowly failing heart could desire.  These days, when the world’s economy hurting and the waistlines of society expanding, one can only reflect on what those words truly mean.  Either way you want to look at it, I had a chance to find out for myself at Sushi Palace.

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450 Promenades de Centropolis
Laval, Québec

Bus:  STL 42, 60, 61, 66, 70

Visit:  December 20, 2013


The first burger post of 2014 takes a look at the very last burger experience of 2013.  You might think I’m crazy for covering the kind of place that I do my best to avoid, but there are times where you can’t avoid things.  For the third time in my life, I got the chance to try something rather unique at Boston Pizza.

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A brand new year has now arrived and some of us are still stuck looking back at what was.  Well, that’s what I’m going to do for a few more moments while 2014 is waiting full of adventures and whatnot.  December was a month of fewer outings, mostly because people are staying home and using that time to relax.  I got most of my visits out of the way early so that I could take the latter half of the month to recover from that unavoidable cold.

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When I look back at 2013, I can say that I tried at least 51 burgers and had a blast doing it.  The Great Burger Search expanded beyond Montreal with visits to New York, Boston, and Ottawa.  I got a chance to try a total of 9 burgers outside Montreal and some of them will be hard to forget.  Also, I also had the chance to visit some of the biggest names in restaurants when it comes to this wonderful city.  With places like Kazu, La Queue de Cheval, and Au Pied de Cochon taking their place on my burger list, 2013 will always be a year that will rank high in the history of this search.

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Here we are at the end of 2013 already.  It’s probably been said literally thousands of times by now, but where does the time go?  It’s about that time where we reflect on the year that’s been and what’s to come when the calendar changes.  2013 has been a great year for the search.  When I take a look at it, I’ve expanded the boundaries with visits to 2 major cities and a return visit to Canada’s capital.  There’s listing everything I have planned for 2014, since plans may change.  But, if it was anything like 2013, it will be another one to remember.

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540 Duluth E.
Montréal, Québec

Bus:  STM 11, 14, 29, 30, 427

Visit:  December 19, 2013


Have you ever thought about the places that sit next door to the big ones?  In life, no one ever thinks about second place or even third.  But, there is a time where you have to give those things a thought.  Located on a very crowded street for the best of Montreal is a restaurant called Vertige.

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Atomic was visited in February of 2012, see the original post HERE.

4627 Du Souvenir
Laval, Québec

Bus:  STL 26, 40, 46, 66

Visit:  December 13, 2013


Over the course of visiting the number of restaurants I do, I don’t really get the chance to revisit places.  Regardless of the circumstances, I always take advantage of the opportunity to go back to a place where I had something worth remembering.  So, for the second time in almost two years, I found myself back at Atomic in Laval.

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