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This year, I’m introducing a brand new category in the end of year posts.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly or follows me on social media will know that I fancy bacon way too much.  The point of this post is not just to highlight bacon in its regular use, but in a way that goes above and beyond.  Here, you will see the 3 items that best exemplify and most creatively use that element that we all love so much.

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1450 Yonge
Toronto, Ontario

Subway:  St. Clair
Streetcar:  512
Bus:  74, 88, 97, 312, 320

Visit:  July 9, 2012


After 12 months, 49 burgers, and what seemed like an eternity, it’s finally time to make my first burger foray into Toronto.  In the past, Burger 50 came from Ottawa and Burger 100 came from Quebec City.  The logical conclusion was to choose Toronto as the next epic burger in the list.  So, I’m closing the third season of the Great Burger Search with one of the most talked about burger places in the entire country, Holy Chuck Burgers.

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