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3515 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: 24, 55

Visit: February 24, 2010


This was a highly recommended location for me to choose. This is the third and newest location for the pub. I know that I constantly hear the ads on the Team 990, so the hype was pushed real hard on me.

The location is dimly lit and quite homey. You get your choice as to where to sit. The big novelty was the menu. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. The menu was printed on newspaper along with facts which make it interesting. Better than that, you get to keep it, which I was more than happy to do.

McKibbin’s 1/2 lb. Burger

The burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and pickles. I have to first say that I made an error in my order. I failed to mention that I wanted to make it a deluxe. Deluxe would’ve added cheese, mushrooms, more onions, and obviously bacon. Despite my lack of judgement, I still was happy to see what was presented to me.

The first things I noticed was the overt presence of the patty. It tasted really good. Even without all the deluxeness, the ingredients left still made this a pretty good tasting burger. It was also extremely filling. The fries were also quite good and not a fast food rip-off.

I am definitely planning a future visit to one of the other two locations. I would really like to get my ordering right by trying the deluxe version of this burger. I also am very intrigued by the bison meat option. So that’s in the future.

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