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1 Crossgates Mall Road
Albany, New York

Bus:  CDTA 10, 12, 114, 117, 155, 190, 712, 719, 813

Visit:  March 26, 2014


2013 was a breakthrough year for Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search.  During that calendar year, I had the chance to go to our neighbors to the south to eat more burgers than ever before.  I wasn’t about to let 2014 go without more opportunities of that variety.  For the first time since last May, this search finds itself across the border in the capital of New York state at The Standard.

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129 York
Ottawa, Ontario

Bus:  OC Transpo 1, 9

Visit:  November 17, 2013


In the last 4 years of doing this search, I’ve always cherished each trip to the nation’s capital, Ottawa.  Since 2011, I haven’t had the chance to make it to Ottawa and that was something that bothered me because I had so much left to do over there.  On a random Sunday in November, I found that moment to attempt, not one, but two burgers.  The first stop was at The Smoque Shack.

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536 Duluth E.
Montréal, Québec

Bus:  STM 11, 14, 29, 30, 427

Visit:  July 5, 2013


In Montreal, there is a list of select restaurants that have the entire world buzzing.  That list is as short as can be and you have to be really good to be on it.  After being featured on television, printing its own cookbook, and expanding its reach to touch our province’s culture, this restaurant is probably the best one in the entire city.  Of course, the restaurant I’m talking about is aptly named Au Pied de Cochon.

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101 South Market
Faneuil Hall
Boston, Massachusetts

Subway:  State St.
Bus:  MBTA 4, 15, 39, 57, 92, 93, 325, 326

Visit:  May 23, 2013


It was only a matter of time that this Great Burger Search would find itself in a city where our greatest sports rivals are housed.  But more importantly than that, the search goes to a city that showed us why Americans are strong.  Within the heart of Quincy Market, Anthem Kitchen + Bar is the first ever Boston burger to take the Great Burger Search by storm.

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Burgers aren’t the only thing that gets featured here on the GBS.  From time to time, I get the chance to try other things that don’t necessarily fit my domain of specialty.  These dishes are some that I’ll remember for a time to come.

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3807 Wellington
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  De L’Eglise, Lasalle
Bus:  STM 12, 21, 58, 61, 71, 78, 108

Visit:  September 7, 2012


After welcoming a brand new school year and settling into the daily grind, it was finally time to unwind.  What better way to do just that by having a new burger for the first time in nearly 3 weeks?  Also, I couldn’t think of anything better than having the third ever Mr. Lew’s Burger Night.  JoBlo has been a place that was high on my list of places to try and I was more than eager to see what the fuss was all about.

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9395 Leduc, suite 5
Brossard, Quebec

Bus:  RTL 14, 35, 135

Visit:  May 10, 2012


One of the most important things for me in this Burger Search is trying to find places close to home.  The South Shore of Montreal doesn’t quite have the quality, signature places that the island does.  It might be the case when it comes to restaurants, but when it comes to shopping, that’s a whole other story.  Quartier Dix30 opened back in 2006.  Since then, it has grown exponentially and has become the face of Brossard.  What’s the most important commercial sector of Brossard without the possibility of a burger?  That’s what I wanted to find out.

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1196 Peel
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Bonaventure, Peel
Train:  Gare Centrale, Lucien L’Allier
Bus:  STM 15, 24, 36, 74, 75, 107, 150, 178, 410, 420, 427, 430, 435, 715, 747, AMT Terminus Centre-ville

Visit:  April 17, 2012


Downtown Montreal has a lot to choose from.  If you’re anything like me, the sheer amount of choices will leave you for a tizzy.  Despite that, for no matter what you’re craving, there’s something for you.  One of the central parts of the downtown core is Peel, a street that can probably lay claim to the busiest pedestrian intersections in the entire city of Montreal.  Just as busy as it can be walking-wise, you’ll find an also crowded restaurant scene.

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2565 Daniel-Johnson
Laval, Quebec

Bus: STL 39, 42, 50, 56, 60, 61, 63, 66, 70, 902, 903

Visit: June 16, 2011


This was a previous burger search location. As a matter of fact, this was the 20th burger in the first season of the GBS. This time, since I’m on a burger hiatus, I was eager to try something else. Once again, this was a colleague’s suggestion. So, in all, we were 7 to venture out to Laval to get fatter. I was pleased when 2 of the 7 ordered a burger and enjoyed it. The service was very slow at first, but rapidly improved with the personality of the server who was assigned to us. Even a billing issue was handled with grace and real politeness.

10 Ounce Ribs

Tried: June 16, 2011

My experience with ribs are limited to Boston Pizza and the Bar B Barn. So, it is reasonable to say that I needed to branch out. From the first bite, I was sold. The meat just comes off the bone. The taste just melts in your mouth. Usually, I’m one of the last people to finish, but this time, I just put it all down. It’s a messy affair, but it’s worth each and every bite. The mashed potatoes were fine, though a little lumpy. I liked the fact that they were not garlic potatoes. The coleslaw was nothing to write home about.

3300 Sources
Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec

Visit: October 25, 2009

Bus: STM 208, 209, 215, 225, 409


I have a vague memory of me going to Bar B Barn on Guy when I was younger. Then again, I have a lot of vague memories of things I did when I was younger. Luckily for me, my camera was handy when I once again visited this restaurant in 2009. First off, the restaurant is dimly lit, which makes it the right atmosphere to have this type of food. The server was extremely cordial which was also a plus.

Lunch Special

This is a lunch special with includes ribs, rice, mashed potatoes, and onion rings.

You will notice that I got started before I took the picture. That was the only time where temptation got the better of my picture taking prowess. For a person who doesn’t get to have ribs so often, I was happy. The whole meal worked for me. The side dishes complemented the ribs so well. This being a lunch combo, I could’ve used more. However, with the prices and what’s included, you can’t go wrong.

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