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953 Décarie
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Cote-Vertu
Bus:  STL 144, 151, 902, STM 16, 17, 64, 70, 72, 117, 121, 128, 170, 171, 174, 177, 196, 213, 215, 216, 225, 468, 470, 475

Visit:  December 19, 2012

We all have our own neighbourhood places.  Ville Saint-Laurent is a vast territory, but there is one thing that doesn’t quite sit well with a lot of us, the lack of significant places to eat.  In this part of town, there are a litany of fast food options and chain restaurants, but none of those are really worth talking about.  What is worth talking about is a place that I couldn’t leave 2012 without trying, Décarie Hot Dog.

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Centre Bell

1909 Avenue Canadiens-de-Montreal
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Bonaventure, Lucien-L’Allier
Train:  Gare Centrale, Lucien-L’Allier
Bus:  STM 36, 74, 75, 107, 150, 178, 410, 420, 427, 430, 435, 715, 747, AMT Terminus Centre-ville

Visit:  September 29, 2011


You’re probably thinking to yourself that Mr. Lew is now desperate for material.  Well, I am not really.   On this faithful night, I got the incredible opportunity to go see the Montreal Canadiens play the Tampa Bay Lightning in the second to last pre-season game before the 2011-2012 season was to start.  Seeing how the Bell Centre has food, I was curious to see how what they served stacked up to other things on the island.

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