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5843 Sherbrooke O.
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 105, 162, 420

Visit:  November 28, 2012

Today’s society is so impersonal.  Humankind has invented so many tools designed to keep people apart from each other.  Whether it be the cell phone or the tablet, those implements just keep focused on something that isn’t quite there.  Even the restaurant experience is secluded.  You may be in a crowded restaurant, but how many times do you really get up close with your surroundings?  There’s one bastion of the past left in Montreal and its time is quite limited.  That place is Cosmos.

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Burger 110

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Mr. Lew:  As you know, ART:brgr is a brand new location in the Montreal burger scene.  It was also the back-up destination for the guest review of the day.  For this venture, I was joined by two very loyal GBS Twitter followers, Mania and Sabrina.  I will say that this was probably one of the easiest burger locations to schedule.  Even though the burger consumption portion of the evening fell short, their company was more than appreciated by me.  Without further adieu, here is what they thought:

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