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1250 University
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: McGill
Bus: STM 15, 24, 61, 75, 107, 125, 168, 420, 715

Visit: July 5, 2011


Bofinger is one of the few BBQ restaurants in all of Montreal. Now, my experience with BBQ is very limited, so I’m no expert. Once you come in, you’re confronted with a counter. Much like a fast food restaurant, you order what you want at this counter. Once you place your order, you wait. Seating is first come, first served. The decor is interesting as you’ll see monitors with TSN on. The stools are tall and the booths are cozy. The music in the background just calls out BBQ. Once you’re done eating, just leave your aftermath at the table, where a member of the staff will collect it. An interesting concept meant to really deal with the downtown Montreal lunch rush.

Poboy Trio

Open Poboy


This sandwich contains french fries, cheese, Texas BBQ sauce, and pulled pork.

When I was looking at the menu before coming in, this sandwich just called out at me. It contains a lot of firsts for me. I’ve never had pulled pork in my life. I’ve never put french fries in a sandwich before. So, I basically killed two birds with one stone today. I really didn’t notice the taste of the pulled pork until much later in the meal. Since I have no real reference point, I can’t really judge the quality of the pulled pork. However, the french fries and BBQ sauce were real delights to have in the sandwich. The french fries added a sweetness to the taste, which was welcomed. The sandwich is rather easy to eat, though I felt the bun was a little too tough for my liking. This sandwich was my introduction to Bofinger. I will return in the near future to try some of the other offerings.

Paper Towel

I’m putting a picture of this because I’ve never seen paper towel so bluntly placed on a table like this.

Bofinger on Urbanspoon

1565 Cote-Vertu
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Cote-Vertu
Bus: STM 17, 64, 70, 72, 121, 128, 170, 171, 174, 177, 196, 213, 215, 216, 225, 470, STL 144, 151, 902

Visit: June 28, 2011


Everyone already knows what I think of McDonald’s, so I won’t bore you all about my thoughts all over again. What I will mention is that I wasn’t expecting to find myself here on this day, but unforeseen circumstances allowed me to test my curiosity.

There were two notable happenings during my visit to this location. The first thing that irritated me was the mother with her children and stroller who were ordering after me. My ice tea was waiting on the counter and this woman’s elbow was ever so close to knocking it down. She had no idea what she wanted and I was begging her (in my mind) to find another place to ponder. The second thing I noticed was the man, who only ordered a coffee, sitting in the dining area eating his non-McD’s lunch. I never knew they tolerated that.

McRib Trio

McRib Box



Tried: June 28, 2011

This was the reason for my reluctant visit to this fast food giant. The McRib is a gimmick sandwich. It contains onions, pickles, a lot of sauce, and rib-like meat. I have a vague memory of having this years ago, but for the purpose of this “review,” it’s like it’s the first time. The thing about the McRib that I liked was the size. It’s not too big, nor is it too small. That’s where the general positive thoughts ended. The taste didn’t leave anything lasting in the memory category and I only had the darn thing 4 hours ago. The sauce is just too messy and required excessive napkin use. The meat, at the end, tried coming out, so I had to change my biting strategies. That caused me to finish the sandwich earlier than I wanted to. The inclusion of pickles and onions didn’t really add to my enjoyment whatsoever. Overall, this is a gimmick, meant to be tried once in a blue moon. So, been there, done that, almost got the t-shirt.

French Fries

Do I really need to explain this to you?

The McAftermath

3895 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 29, 55, 144

Visit: June 7, 2011


One cannot be a Montrealer (or someone living near Montreal) without a visit to this iconic Montreal institution. Regardless of the quality of the food, this is still the place to at least try once. I enter at about 11:00 a.m. and find myself with a decent choice of places to sit. Once upon a time, tales of line-ups would make a normal person shriek. These day, the new take-out counter was opened to combat that. A sitting at this establishment is not so much about eating, but about watching the people who stream in and out. The regulars who sit and chat like it’s a living room, the lunch crowd who are looking for their fix, and me, looking to take their place in Montreal society. I won’t say much about service, since I found it to be a little distant. But then again, we’re not here for that.

Smoked Meat Sandwich (1)

So iconic, a second picture needed to be taken.

Smoked Meat Sandwich (2)

Schwartz’s is famous for their smoked meat. Though many have debated the merits of it throughout time, you cannot go on without trying it once, good or bad. As you can see, the piles of smoked meat is so high, that the bread can barely contain it. As a matter of fact, when you pick up the sandwich, the inner workings start to fall out. Being the consummate eater that I am, I picked up a fork and scooped it all up. The meat itself did not really overly impress me. Maybe I was expecting the holy grail, but it was good enough for a lunch stop. The bread was fine, except when it came to a crust that took too much effort to chew. I do definitely intend on returning so that I can try the smoked meat cooked either medium or with tremendous amounts of fat, as I selected lean. Perhaps the choice of lean affected the taste, though I don’t think so. I will now add smoked meat to the list of things I’m looking for.

French Fries

Place Mat

Schwartz's Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search - BONUS Burgers Introduction

Throughout the search, people make joke suggestions concerning fast food places.  While they do not count towards the burger search, they still are burgers.  Therefore, it is my duty to present all burgers.

5180 Decarie
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 17, 51, 63, 129, 166
Metro: Snowdon

Visit: April 24, 2010


We all know what Wendy’s is, a fast food place. My visit was purely out of curiosity for a burger that people have been talking about. It’s kinda sad, because there used to be so many more locations, and now there are so few.

Baconator Trio

and yes, that is my ORANGE jacket in the background.


This burger contains three square patties, ketchup, three slices of cheese, and nine pieces of bacon.

I have to start by saying that the actual product does not compare to the nicely photoshopped promotional material that we keep seeing. The wrapped burger was actually quite squished when I opened it. I also have to mention that this concoction took 10 minutes to make.

The patties were quite unstable. They came apart quite easily. As for the taste, you can equate to any fast food burger you’ve ever had. The bacon itself wasn’t overcooked and was quite nicely done. The overall product was a mishmash of all that’s not good to eat in a fast food restaurant, or any place that serves food for that matter. I wasn’t impressed or taken aback, but what can I say for this monstrosity of human evolution. It is quite filling, but not completely overwhelming. A must try if you have a need to die within the next few hours. I’ll let you all know if this burger kills me.

NOTE:  I wrote this in April 2010, and I am glad to report, I’m still not dead yet.

French Fries