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590 Jarry E.
Montréal, Québec

Métro:  Jarry
Bus:  STM 30, 31, 193

Visit:  September 5, 2014

Pizza is something that brings a lot of people together.  I can’t count the number of weeks where my family bonded over pizza back in the day.  These days, pizza is something that brings a lot of people together.  This time around, our family gathered at Québec Déli.

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228 Bernard O.
Montréal, Québec

Bus:  STM 46, 55, 80, 160, 435, 935

Visit:  June 16, 2014


Family is a very important part of everyone’s life, whether you want to admit it or not.  In restaurants, there are types of cuisine that lend themselves better to the family style dish delivery system.  You order in tandem and you share.  We all know that most families have to share.  That’s where the concept of Namos comes in.

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105 Prince Arthur E.
Montréal, Québec

Bus:  STM 24, 29, 55, 144

Visit:  June 9, 2014

When it comes to expanding to different types of cuisine, I’m not that good.  You can tell all that just by looking at the title of this post.  Also, I’m awful when I’m put on the spot to choose a place to eat, especially when there’s a burger involved.  On this day, I made my way to Prince Arthur, where I stumbled into La Caverne Grecque.

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755 Crémazie E.
Montréal, Québec

Métro:  Crémazie
Bus:  STM 30, 31, 52, 53, 54, 56, 100, 135, 146, 192, 460

Visit:  February 4, 2014


In Montréal, there are those restaurants that we all know.  They are easy on the wallet and they serve all those items that fall under the category of the guilty pleasure.  They are the home of the steamies, poutines, and the extremely greasy French fry.  You may not put much stock into their influence, but they do have some.  One of those places is called Patate Rouge.

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5357 Avenue du Parc
Montréal, Québec

Bus:  STM 46, 80, 435, 935

Visit:  January 23, 2014


One of the best things about searching for burgers is the fact that you never quite know where you’re going to find them.  Sometimes, it’s not quite the end result that matters, but the journey it takes to get there.  What makes this even better is that this latest location marries two things I like a whole lot, burgers and Greek restaurants.  The one place you can find this special burgers is at Milos.

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4690 St-Denis
Montréal, Québec

Métro:  Laurier
Bus:  STM 14, 27, 30, 46, 47, 51, 427

Visit:  December 12, 2013

2013 has been such a great year when it comes to trying new places and seeking out the types of food that I haven’t tried before.  But, there is one type of cuisine that I keep coming back to.  Greek food has always been one of my favorites and I take any opportunity to try that.  This time around, I found myself at Ouzeri.

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326 Dorval
Jardins Dorval
Dorval, Quebec

Train:  Dorval
Bus:  STM 191, 195, 202, 203, 209, 211, 425, 485, 495

Visit:  October 2, 2013

Dorval is an important part of the island of Montreal.  With a major international airport in the middle of the city, you can’t help but visit this part of the island.  Not far from the train station is a small shopping center that contains some of the biggest stores in the world and a restaurant called Deli Dorval.

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9190 Leduc (Suite 210)
Brossard, Québec

Bus:  RTL 14, 35, 39, 135

Visit:  August 4, 2013

Quartier Dix30 has become the cornerstone of the city of Brossard.  In that area of town, you can find nearly anything and everything.  That is more than true when it comes to the world of eating.  As of three months ago, you couldn’t quite find any quality Greek food.  That has now changed since there is a place that is known as Skara.

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Queue de Cheval is now located at 1181 de la Montagne.

1234 de la Montagne
Montréal, Québec

Train:  Lucien L’Allier
Metro:  Lucien L’Allier, Peel, Guy-Concordia
Bus:  STM 15, 24, 57, 66, 107, 150, 165, 166, 410, 420, 427, 430, 435, 715, 747, 935

Visit:  May 20, 2013


On every restaurant related bucket list, there’s that place that seems a little bit above reach.  It’s that one place that is synonymous with power and extravagance.  Every city has one and not just anyone can set foot inside.  For 15 years, La Queue de Cheval has been putting forth a reputation for just that.  For one brief moment in time, a little prohibition allowed yours truly to cross another item off that elusive bucket list.

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9540 L’Acadie
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 19, 54, 121, 179

Visit:  March 1, 2013


After 4 years and 99 Annex posts, we’ve finally reached the 100th post in that series.  One of the most frequented types of cuisine for the Annex is that of Greek.  For this occasion, the place that was put to the test was Nostos.  I might have thought of something a little more special for the 100th post, but Greek cuisine has played a large part of the Annex and I was more than happy to set foot in Nostos.

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1662 De Maisonneuve O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Guy-Concordia
Bus:  STM 15, 24, 57, 66, 165, 166, 427, 435

Visit:  October 4, 2012


When doing a Great Burger Search, you try to find burgers wherever you can.  While finding burgers can be quite the easy task, getting that unique Montreal dining experience can be a whole other story.  Angela Pizza in the heart of Downtown Montreal has a burger, but it does have a whole lot more.

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4024B Sainte-Catherine O.
Westmount, Quebec

Metro:  Atwater
Bus:  STM 15, 24, 57, 63, 90, 104, 108, 138, 144, 150

Visit:  June 28, 2012


During the 2011-2012 season of the GBS, Greek food has found a way into my plans when it comes to eating.  While there are so many big time names in that realm of cuisine on the island of Montreal, we rarely get to add newcomers to that list.  On a late June afternoon, I was about to be taken to a place called Sparta to see how a relative unknown in Greek cuisine would fare.

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521 Duluth E.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Sherbrooke, Mont-Royal
Bus:  STM 11, 14, 24, 29, 30, 97, 144, 427

Visit:  December 15, 2011


My visit to Le Jardin de Panos is the third in the series of outings as part of the Fat Squirrel Society (inside joke).  The first visit was in October for Korean BBQ and the second was in the midst of Chinatown.  So, we took a little bit of a curve by going to see what other Greek restaurants there were to explore in Montreal.  I honestly thought that I reached the plateau of Greek cuisine with my other visits, so I was hoping to expand to that list.

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679 Saint-Roch
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 80, 179, 193, 435

Visit:  September 20, 2011

Having 8 hours to find something to do and having colleagues who love to eat are the greatest 2 things to go together.  I’ve been lucky to have a fellow English teacher who knows about places for Greek food.  On this day, after 3 months of anticipation, we were finally on our way to Tripolis.  If you have a very good memory, months ago, I asked for a vote between pizza and Greek food.  I completed the pizza part in July and finally got around to the Greek part on this faithful day.  I was actually supposed to go here last June, but a very heated union meeting had me flabbergasted and lacking motivation to move.  So, here was my chance to put my colleague’s tastes to the test once again.

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3938 Notre-Dame
Laval, Quebec

Visit: April 26, 2011

Bus: STL 26, 46, 60, 66, 151


This was the second time I’ve been to this restaurant during the last school year. The first time I was there, I forgot to take pictures, so this time, I was ready for action. The servers in this establishment are very hardworking and cordial. For what is was worth, the value for the lunch menu was good, as the portions were really huge.

Doner Gyros Small Plate

Tried: April 26, 2011

This dish contains a Greek salad, potatoes, rice, and beef.

This was the dish that introduced me to this restaurant. I had this the first time I was here and I was going to have it again. The portions are huge and I had trouble finishing it. Being the competitor I am, I always finish, and that’s what I did. The potatoes are nothing out of this world, as is the rice. The highlights of the meal are the beef and salad. I usually save the best parts for last. The last two things on the plate were the beef and the feta cheese.

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