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This is a Revisited post for Fung Shing.  Click HERE to see that original post.

1102 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Place-d’Armes, Champ-de-Mars, Saint-Laurent
Bus:  STM 14, 15, 55, 80, 129, 150, 410, 427, 430, 435, 747

Visit:  March 9, 2012

Months ago, I made the decision to revisit some of the places that I did not do justice the first time around.  For the time being, I’m reserving the distinction of a revisit to places where I did not give the 2011-2012 treatment.  If you haven’t noticed by now, starting in the middle of 2011, my posts have been more detailed.  With the fact that what I’m doing is getting more noticed, I am forced to put a lot more work and effort into what I post here.  I should also note that once a restaurant gets revisited, I will never do another post on it, no matter what happens.  So, with that being said, the first restaurant that gets the “lucky” distinction of being the first one to be revisited is my regular Chinese haunt, Fung Shing.

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Mr. Lew revisited this restaurant in March of 2012, to see that post, click HERE.

1102 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 55, 80, 129, 150, 410, 427, 430, 435, 747
Metro: Place D’Armes

Visit: Ongoing

What does a half-Chinese person know about Chinese food? I guess no one will ever truly know. It seems like everyone has their opinions when it comes to Chinese food. This establishment is one of two in Chinatown that has been part of my family for the last 40 years. This particular one has been a regular stop during the week for the last 2 years. We have seen waiters come and go. We’ve been through new chefs. We know this place well. Just remember, if you see Chinese people eating in a Chinese restaurant, it must be somewhat decent. I’ve seen my share of Chinese people here.

Won Ton Soup - 12 pieces, no noodles

Tried: August 7, 2009

Dumplings with shrimp surrounded by vegetables.

This is my regular won ton regimen for the week. I will say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the best Won Ton I’ve ever had in my entire life. If anyone has a challenger, I am willing to try.

Beef Rice Noodles

Tried: August 7, 2009

This dish contains rice noodles, chop suey, onions, and beef.

If done right, this dish tastes pretty good. This is the second of my regular dishes at this establishment. The noodles themselves are a little more tough than your normal noodle. A good bite require you to take in all the ingredients together. Normally, I can take down an entire serving by myself. These days, that isn’t too easy. I do not suggest rewarming this dish as the noodles can get a little too hard to chew.

Beef Chow Mein Noodles

Tried: August 7, 2009

This dish contains mixed Chinese vegetables, beef, and crispy noodles.

This dish is one that my family takes on a lot. Again, when done properly, this tastes really great. To me, I’ve had this so many times that I’ve become numb to this dish. If the noodles are too crispy, it becomes really annoying. But when the noodles are too soggy, it isn’t too enjoyable either. You need a mix between the two to get this dish at its most effective.

Chicken Fried Rice

Tried: August 7, 2009

This dish contains chicken, rice, and onions.

A chicken fried rice can contain nearly anything. This is a staple of Canadian Chinese take-out. At first, I didn’t like this version because I was more accustomed to the take-out version. But, after trying it a few times, I was getting used to what was here. This is probably one of the best dishes to take back home and warm up later.

Won Ton Soup w/Noodles

Tried: March 12, 2011

This is the won ton soup portion with noodles shared by many. Much like my opinions about the won ton, the noodles aren’t bad. For one of the rare occasions, I drank the soup, which didn’t do anything for me. Still, the best won ton in Montreal.

Cantonese Noodles

Tried: March 12, 2011

I’ve had this dish so many times that I am no numb to this. For this occasion, I didn’t even get around to touching this. For those of you who like crispy noodles, this is the dish for you. Unfortunately, consistency is always an issue. There needs to be mix between crispy and soggy, no extremes. Still, on a good day, this tastes good.

Tofu w/Mixed Vegetables

Tried: March 12, 2011

This is a vegetarian option. At one time, I didn’t care too much for tofu. But these days, I tend to not mind it at all. This dish, in combination with the vegetables, is fine.

Honey Garlic Spareribs

Tried: March 12, 2011

I cannot tell the difference between honey garlic and sweet & sour. These are satisfactory, but you can probably get just as good from take-out.

Shrimp w/Lobster Sauce

Tried: March 12, 2011

The secret of this dish is not so much the shrimp. There are hardly any, but that doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with the lobster sauce that counts. Whether you mix it in with white rice or have the drenched piece of lettuce, you can’t go wrong.

Orange Beef

Tried: March 12, 2011

This was the popular dish of the evening having been ordered twice. This was supposed to be spicy, but I never seem to get what Chinese spicy is supposed to be. The taste of this dish was fine, as I have never had non-buffet orange beef before.

General Tao Chicken

Tried: March 12, 2011

Having had General Tao chicken like everyone on this planet, I didn’t find this to be the best ever, but a very tolerable version.

Crispy Chicken

Tried: March 12, 2011

This dish always tends to work for me. The chicken is never really cooked wrong when I see this dish. The half portion is suitable for people who are trying a bit of everything.

Curry Noodles

Tried: March 25, 2011

Much like your normal Cantonese chow mein, this noodles dish had all the elements, except for the inclusion of one additional guest, curry. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of curry, and this dish didn’t help that. Though spicy, I never really got into the taste of this dish whatsoever, but that’s just a personal taste.

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