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In 2013, I had the chance to venture outside of Montreal more than once.  In April, I had the wonderful chance to visit the states of New Jersey and New York for the very first time.  Now, at the end of the month of May, the city of Boston and its surrounding area were next on the radar.

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1437 Rene-Levesque O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Lucien L’Allier, Guy-Concordia
Bus: STM 15, 36, 57, 150, 178, 410, 420, 427, 430, 435, 747

Visit: August 1, 2011


La Cage Aux Sports was one of the burger search location that I’ve been waiting to go to since I began this whole adventure. Over time, I’ve kept this as one of my back-up locations in case another didn’t pan out. However, I found the perfect opportunity to come to the cage of sports. Now, this wasn’t the particular location I chose. Thanks to Janet Jackson at the Bell Center, we had to shuffle down Rene-Levesque to the next closest one, which wasn’t a big deal at all, or so we thought.

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