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129 York
Ottawa, Ontario

Bus:  OC Transpo 1, 9

Visit:  November 17, 2013


In the last 4 years of doing this search, I’ve always cherished each trip to the nation’s capital, Ottawa.  Since 2011, I haven’t had the chance to make it to Ottawa and that was something that bothered me because I had so much left to do over there.  On a random Sunday in November, I found that moment to attempt, not one, but two burgers.  The first stop was at The Smoque Shack.

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4436 Wellington
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Verdun, De L’Eglise
Bus:  STM 37, 58, 61, 107

Visit:  February 6, 2013


With Montreal’s first ever poutine week now behind us, one has to think that this city is greatly spoiled.  Believe me, none of us would have it any other way.  During that short period of time at the beginning of February, at least 30 different restaurants put out their version of Quebec’s signature dish.  While a lot of those options were tempting, only one particular poutine was worth the trek.  The one worthy poutine can be found at Blackstrap BBQ in Verdun.

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1693A St-Denis
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Berri-UQAM
Bus:  STM 14, 15, 24, 30, 125, 150, 410, 427, 430, 715, 747

Visit:  October 14, 2012

Over the last few weeks, the hot topic of conversation over the realm of social media has been about BBQ.  While I’m no real expert on the subject, I always keep my eyes and ears open about where I could find worthy BBQ to try.  Now, I didn’t go to the place where everyone is talking about, but I did find a place that had some of its own buzz over the last few months on its own.  For the last 6 months, Diablos BBQ has been taking on its fair share on St-Denis, a great street for food.

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998 Boulevard St. Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Place d’Armes
Bus:  STM 55, 80, 129, 150, 410, 427, 430, 435, 747

Visit:  July 30, 2012


I have a real soft spot for Dim Sum and I take any opportunity to go out to sample what Montreal has to offer.  Recently, Le Cristal Chinois opened its doors in the Swatow building in Chinatown.  While the jury is still out about the success of the building itself, the Cristal Chinois sits atop and for rightful reason, it offers a luxurious take on one of the best facets of Chinese cuisine.

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I often get asked if I make my own burgers.  Well, the answer to that is still a resounding no.  One of these days, it will happen, but for now, I took a teeny, tiny, little step towards doing that.  At a BBQ in Mirabel, all the ingredients were collected and we were ready to have burgers and a good time.

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89 De La Commune E.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Place d’Armes, Champ-de-Mars
Bus:  STM 14, 55, 129, 715

Visit:  January 20, 2012


I’ve been waiting months to come to this location.  I first found out about Taverne Gaspar around the same time I was doing Burger 105 at Méchant Boeuf.  It turns out that those two restaurants are part of a family of similar establishments that are all located in the Old-Port area of Montreal.  As a matter of fact, you can easily walk from each of their locations within minutes.

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2127 Sainte-Catherine O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Atwater, Guy-Concordia
Bus:  STM 15, 24, 57, 63, 66, 90, 104, 108, 138, 144, 150, 165, 166, 435

Visit:  October 13, 2011

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to expand my reach outside the realm of the bacon cheeseburger in the last few months.  Well, I couldn’t refuse an opportunity to try something that I’ve never done before in my life.  As a matter of fact, it’s something that I’ve never done in any facet of my life.  What I’m talking about is Korean BBQ.

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1250 University
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: McGill
Bus: STM 15, 24, 61, 75, 107, 125, 168, 420, 715

Visit: July 5, 2011


Bofinger is one of the few BBQ restaurants in all of Montreal. Now, my experience with BBQ is very limited, so I’m no expert. Once you come in, you’re confronted with a counter. Much like a fast food restaurant, you order what you want at this counter. Once you place your order, you wait. Seating is first come, first served. The decor is interesting as you’ll see monitors with TSN on. The stools are tall and the booths are cozy. The music in the background just calls out BBQ. Once you’re done eating, just leave your aftermath at the table, where a member of the staff will collect it. An interesting concept meant to really deal with the downtown Montreal lunch rush.

Poboy Trio

Open Poboy


This sandwich contains french fries, cheese, Texas BBQ sauce, and pulled pork.

When I was looking at the menu before coming in, this sandwich just called out at me. It contains a lot of firsts for me. I’ve never had pulled pork in my life. I’ve never put french fries in a sandwich before. So, I basically killed two birds with one stone today. I really didn’t notice the taste of the pulled pork until much later in the meal. Since I have no real reference point, I can’t really judge the quality of the pulled pork. However, the french fries and BBQ sauce were real delights to have in the sandwich. The french fries added a sweetness to the taste, which was welcomed. The sandwich is rather easy to eat, though I felt the bun was a little too tough for my liking. This sandwich was my introduction to Bofinger. I will return in the near future to try some of the other offerings.

Paper Towel

I’m putting a picture of this because I’ve never seen paper towel so bluntly placed on a table like this.

Bofinger on Urbanspoon

Mr. Lew revisited Laurier Gordon Ramsay in October of 2011, to see that, click HERE.



381 Laurier Ouest
Montreal, Quebec

Visit: March 26, 2011

Bus: STM 51, 80, 435, 935

Currently closed due to change of ownership.

One of my family members (or someone really close to our family) suggested we reunite the siblings for a visit to this soon-to-be revamped Montreal restaurant. We all know that chef Gordon Ramsay is slated to turn this place into one of high esteem and valor. That remains to be seen. I’ll be interested to see if a burger finds itself on the new menu. This evening was also interesting because the restaurant dimmed the lights for Earth Hour.


Chicken Breast Meal

Tried: March 26, 2011

Rotisserie chicken is something that I now dread. Years of Scores chicken can do that to you. I am numb to this dish and this restaurant didn’t help that. However, the point wasn’t really the food, but the company. I really do hope that Gordon Ramsay has some sort of miracle planned, because I wasn’t impressed.


Apple Pie

Tried:  March 26, 2011

I like everything that has to do with cooked apples.  Everything from McDonald’s Apple Pies to the side dish at a Baton Rouge.  When I saw this in the menu, I had to try it.  I was disappointed because it was cold.  That put a stop to my enthusiasm about apples for that one night.

3300 Sources
Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec

Visit: October 25, 2009

Bus: STM 208, 209, 215, 225, 409


I have a vague memory of me going to Bar B Barn on Guy when I was younger. Then again, I have a lot of vague memories of things I did when I was younger. Luckily for me, my camera was handy when I once again visited this restaurant in 2009. First off, the restaurant is dimly lit, which makes it the right atmosphere to have this type of food. The server was extremely cordial which was also a plus.

Lunch Special

This is a lunch special with includes ribs, rice, mashed potatoes, and onion rings.

You will notice that I got started before I took the picture. That was the only time where temptation got the better of my picture taking prowess. For a person who doesn’t get to have ribs so often, I was happy. The whole meal worked for me. The side dishes complemented the ribs so well. This being a lunch combo, I could’ve used more. However, with the prices and what’s included, you can’t go wrong.

Bar B Barn on Urbanspoon

see more at West Island Restaurants.com

bar-b-barn west island

1886 Notre-Dame
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 36, 57
Metro: George-Vanier

Visit: September 21, 2010


This restaurant holds a special place for me. It’s not the restaurant itself, it’s the location. This place is located a few doors down from where my late grand-mother used to live. I spent many a Sunday in this area during my childhood. So, this was more nostalgic than not.

The restaurant’s decor was quite unique. The booths were from another era. The menu displayed throughout one wall. The service was very considerate.

5 Napkins Burger

This burger contains onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, pickles, barbecue sauce, and bacon. The concept of this burger intrigues me. The name, for one, raises an eyebrow. Will I use 5 napkins? I’ll say, for one, the taste was quite good. I have no complaints. I, however, did not use 5 napkins, but just one. Another special note for the coleslaw and french fries, which complemented the burger well.


I put the title in capitals due to the unique name of the dessert. Usually, I do not order dessert on my burger quests, but this really intrigued me. This brownie, with ice cream, actually includes bacon in it. The cold of the ice cream and the warmth of the brownie go well together. The bacon was soft and mixed well with the consistency of the brownie. Though, I found the taste of bacon faded in all the sweetness. But, having said all that, I may die, now that I had a dessert with bacon in it.

Le Boucan on Urbanspoon