Burger 112: L'Enchanteur | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

7331 Henri-Julien
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Jean-Talon, De Castelnau
Bus:  STM 31, 55, 92, 93, 95, 99

Visit:  September 6, 2011


This week’s Burger Search location was suggestion made to me by one of my trusted colleagues.  As a matter of a fact, I would’ve never of known of this place’s existence if it wasn’t for someone telling me about it.  So, naturally, I was glad to try out another place in this part of town.  Since it was located where it was, I wasn’t really worried about having to wait or fight for a place to sit.  It is on a quaint intersection where not much really happens.  I tend to like places like that.

Upon entering the restaurant, I noticed that indeed, there was a real abundance of places to sit down.  As a matter of fact, I think I was the only person who didn’t seat themselves, not that I really cared.  The menu was the first thing I that caught my ire.  I looked at a version on the outside that listed 3 burgers.  It wasn’t such a great list like the one I saw on the website.  I got a handheld version of the menu, opened it and saw the same thing, 3 burgers.  It wasn’t until I turned the page, where I saw the rest of the list.  Am I the only person who wouldn’t mind seeing the burger section all on one page?  The good part about the menus is that you get to have either breakfast or lunch during the middle of the day.  So, that helps things out and it doesn’t hurt to have so many people ordering it at noon.

The decor of the restaurant is quite interesting.  There are 3 distinct sections included in the restaurant.  There is a terrace and 2 separate dining areas.  During my visit, only the outside and main dining area were used.  Right now, I couldn’t imagine the place being overly full.  Another thing that really lends itself to the kind of mood and atmosphere are the paintings.  I never noticed something like this before but there many paintings on the wall.  It’s not so much the paintings that caught my attention, but the price tags under the works of art that did.  In my opinion, all the power to them for trying to help a struggling artist out.  The whole artistic slant creates quite a nice atmosphere.

In a restaurant like this, you can sit down, have a coffee, and complete work on your laptop.  You can read a paper or catch up with your friends. It’s such a relaxed atmosphere that the restaurant playing music was a really welcoming addition to take in.  In the kind of neighborhood that the restaurant is located in, it also isn’t unusual to hear church bells ring at noon.  On their own, some music and bells add charm to your dining experience.  But, being the extremely lucky person that I am, I got those two at the same time.  Yes, while listening to a chorus from a song I can’t remember, I was treated to the longest series of bells I’ve ever heard in my life and I work in a school.

The service was the last thing I wanted to note.  It seems to me like I was served by three different people.  One person seated me, anther took my order, while the third person brought out my order.  I’m probably the only person who’d find that odd, when I’m so used to the same person taking and brining my order.  But, despite that, the three employees were all busy during my visit, which isn’t half bad.  Their rapport with the customers seemed good as customers went out of their way to say goodbye.

Le Bacon

This burger contains lettuce, pickles, cream cheese, and bacon.

My rationale for picking this burger wasn’t so much for the bacon, but for the cream cheese.  Right now, I am having a cream cheese burger love affair.  I feel like it’s the most potent and effective cheese to combine in any burger that has bacon in it.  When I got the burger, the size seemed alright for what I was picturing.  I immediately spotted the cream cheese slathered on the bottom bun and thought that was a good sign.

The most powerful component of the burger was obviously the cream cheese.  Each bite was full of cream cheese, just the way I like it.  It may be a mouthful to take in, but it really did the job, so much so that it was the absolute start of this particular burger.  Even when each bite didn’t contain a mix of all the ingredients, the cream cheese was there to save the day.

The bacon’s inclusion in this burger was somewhat disappointing.  The issue here wasn’t with the taste, but the bacon itself.  Every time I went to bite the bacon, I felt like I was fighting it.  I tend to like my bacon softer, but easier to bite.  Here, the bacon seemed a little rubbery, as it took me a while to take them apart.  That led to bites that lasted longer than they should have.

Normally I don’t discuss pickles but in this case, I have to.  I really could have done without pickles.  For me, pickles tend to overpower whatever they’re included with.  Here, the pickles didn’t play an important enough role to deem their presence necessary.  Even though I didn’t miss the tomatoes, I would’ve preferred to have them in the burger over the pickles.

The thing that left me scratching my head the most was the meat.  In reviews I read beforehand, I noticed some people saying that the meat was too dry.  I think I pretty much can confirm that it was the case.  I even squeezed the meat a bit to see if any juices came out, and I got nothing.  I would’ve probably of been better if the burger patty was cooked less than well done.  For the record, I wasn’t asked how I wanted it.  The fact that the meat was bland assured that the cream cheese, bacon, and pickles were more apparent.  I wasn’t left with that great aftertaste that I’d get with juicier meat.  All I was left with was the fact that I had a good cream cheese and bacon sandwich, with a pickle on the side.

With the burger, you get a choice of either fries, salad, or a combination of both.  I chose fries because I wasn’t really in the mood to pick up a fork and start playing with that.  What I liked about the fries I got was the way they were cut.  It seemed like they were all done by hand, due to the differences in shapes and sizes.  It beats having the factory grade cookie cutter fries you get from the golden arches.  I just could’ve done without all that salt.  These days, I prefer my fries el fresco, without ketchup or salt.  The only thing I tend to put on my fries is mayonnaise.

For what you’re getting and for the extremely reasonable price you’re getting it at, this burger is worth the try.  It’s not going to blow your mind away, but it is going to fill you up.  For what it is, it is a decent burger.  If I lived or worked near a place like this, I wouldn’t really mind going into this restaurant to have a burger daily.  Will I go out of my way and brave the elements for this burger?  Probably not.  But, like I said before, I’m glad that I got to try this burger.

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