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Mr. Lew:  As you know, ART:brgr is a brand new location in the Montreal burger scene.  It was also the back-up destination for the guest review of the day.  For this venture, I was joined by two very loyal GBS Twitter followers, Mania and Sabrina.  I will say that this was probably one of the easiest burger locations to schedule.  Even though the burger consumption portion of the evening fell short, their company was more than appreciated by me.  Without further adieu, here is what they thought:

Mania - Le Hamburguesa Rojas Burger - Open-faced

Mania - Le Hamburguesa Rojas Burger

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was that the place was empty from costumers which I wasn’t expecting at all. We had the option of sitting inside or outside, so after scanning the options we chose to sit inside and beside closed windows.

The inside decor of the place was really nice and interesting. They had an area with some nice cozy couches with a small low table which was not suitable for eating any food but maybe for relaxing and drinking would be a good option.
We got the menu which was 2 pages full of burgers: their already fabricated ones, build your-own ones, quite a wide variety of hummus selection and tartar which were surprisingly their speciality (a burger place with specialities other than burger is little bit odd to me).

On the bottom of the page there was a red section which is “all you can eat burger for 65 $” section. I personally never see that in me but if you are into “eat many burgers at one visit” then this is probably for you.
After scanning the menu I decided on the “Le Hamburguesa Rojas Burger” which was lettuce, tomato, thin crispy fries, jalapeno, cheddar cheese, egg sunny side and tomato Aïoli sauce.

The burger came with a salad on a white plate which was decorated with some orange powders (probably paprika).  The salad was hugely cut lettuce, tomatoes, and onions with tiny amount of balsamic. I did not finish and enjoy the salad because the lettuce and onions were quite old and the whole combo was very dry. 
On the menu it was mentioned that the bread is huge; yes, the bun was big but it was in wrong proportion to the burger because it took me about 3-4 bites to get to the meat. The burger came out medium-perfectly done to my standard and not juicy at all. The meat was finely ground stake (told by server). For me meat was rather tasteless and underwhelming but the egg and jalapeno saved the day for it and my bun stayed together and stable till the end.

The music was kind of a roller coaster ride while we were there, some were on the angry side, and involving lots of curse words; then all of a sudden they went to calm Sinatra-ish music and all were playing loudly.  One of the worst things that bugged me throughout the whole eating was the crazy amount of fly that were gathered around the area we sat. To me even 1 fly in the eating area is unacceptable but believe me they were much more and were constantly beezing on my ear. I was on guard all the time because I absolutely hate if one of them sat on my food. The windows were closed, I am sure that there were less of them if we sat outside. 

As an overall verdict I would say it was “just ok“nothing exciting (please read it with your disappointed voice). I really prefer to taste the meat in my burgers but in this case meat had a weak taste to it. However they had interesting burger options on the menu which I like to try at some point but prefer to wait for a while, because they still need some improvements there.

Ice Cream

Probably the highlight of the night was a quick stop at “Les Givres” for an ice-cream, thanks to Sabrina. They make their own cone. I had caramel almond in small cone, which was not small at all. It had a soft and creamy texture, not heavy or overwhelming at all. 

Note:  To read more about the ice cream location, click here.

Sabrina - Ma Belle Ezra Burger

Upon arriving at art:brgr, I was impressed by the design and layout of the place, however, at 7 pm, it was conspicuously empty. Knowing that it is a new location however, I brushed aside the thought and settled in with the menu to peruse what was on offer. Immediately, I was drawn to the “All You Can Eat Burger” orange box, which at $65 seems a bit pricey, unless you have a huge appetite.

The menu is two sided, one side completely devoted to drinks only and the other side only about half devoted to burgers, with the waitress even pointing out the hummus section as “their specialty”.

I opted to a burger with bacon, figs and blue cheese. There were several interesting options, but this one sort of caught my eye, for the obvious bacon factor. Burgers only come with a side salad. Fries being extra and not offered as an alternative, even for an additional charge.

Meals were pretty quick to arrive, but then again, we were the only three people seemingly there to eat. The side salad tasted bizarre and the lettuce pieces were wilted and huge. I ate some of it, but gave up to focus on the main event. The burger.

The burger itself was dripping a bit of grease but dry inside. Supposedly it’s not ground beef, but ground steak. But it seemed like maybe the cheapest piece of flank steak was involved. The toppings were ok, but there didn’t seem to be much bacon, or at the very least, the very minimum required. The bun far overlapped the circumference of the burger itself, leaving me with lots of extra crusty bread at the end.

All in all, I wouldn’t go back even if after being open for a bit longer the place gets better at burgers. The lack of bacon and the stomach ache I got (and still have hours later) from the burger are ensuring that.

To save the evening,  I took a nice wander down St-Denis with my companions to Les Givres for some of the best ice cream of life.

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