Burger 248: Pub Sir Joseph | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

4902 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montréal, Québec

Bus:  STM 51, 55

Visit:  April 28, 2014


Boulevard Saint-Laurent is probably one of the most iconic streets on the island of Montréal.  While there is a lot going on, there are some stretches of The Main that has very little when it comes to eating.  In the last little while, you have a place that is starting to change that assumption and it’s called Pub Sir Joseph.

At the corner of two boulevards are some saints, Joseph and Laurent.  These are two of the most well known arteries on the island of Montréal.  While Saint-Joseph isn’t really known for restaurants, Saint-Laurent is.  I find that the further north you go, the fewer options you have.  Well, I was looking for good things from Pub Sir Joseph.

Right off the get-go, I have to say that I’m not very big on pubs or bars.  I don’t drink and I hardly have many reasons to enter any kind of pub.  When you pair that with the fact that very few of them have decent menus or even a burger, it gets really hard to find a pub to try.  Plus, the last time I tried an establishment on this street, their kitchen wasn’t open yet.  I was tentative in this particular visit.

I arrived at the location of Pub Sir Joseph early in the afternoon and I was right behind a pair of customers.  We were the only people in the pub for the majority of my time there.  When I saw the other customers successfully make an order, I knew that I was in the clear and that I was going to be able to pursue business.

The concept of the menu at Pub Sir Joseph is that of a British nature.  This brings me to a bit of a tangent.  A few months back, someone on Twitter shared a burger suggestion all the way from London.  When you think of food, you don’t necessarily think of London because they just don’t go together.  But, one of these days, I think it would be really neat to expand the boundaries of the search to an overseas location.  This brings me back to some of the interesting items on the Pub Sir Joseph menu.

The experience at Sir Joseph went on rather smoothly.  The server was really polite and you can really say that judging a book by its cover is more than wrong.  There were moments where the other staff member came out and was standing at the bar.  It was a little awkward when that individual was delivering a blank stare in my direction.  Either way, it’s the little things that you remember.

French Onion Soup ($5)

For the third time ever, I would try to tackle a French onion soup.  In the past, I had some really expensive one and an appetizer portion.  I won’t say that they were the best or the worst, mostly because I can’t judge something that I don’t try that much.

When the soup was delivered to the table, I have to say that it was one of the better looking dishes I’ve seen in a while.  The soup itself was on par with the other version I liked.  What made things even better was the fact that the portion size was a lot smaller than the previous versions.

Sir’s Burger ($13)

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheddar, and bacon.

What was really interesting about the way the burger was presented on the menu was the fact that they list the ingredients as a BLT.  Of all the sandwich combinations that I like on this planet, the BLT is right up there.  It’s very clear as to what you’re getting and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Before I got to eating the burger, I took a look inside and noticed something that I haven’t really seen so much in the past.  The tomato was what caught my eye.  It may be strange to say, but I’ve never seen a slice of a tomato on a burger like that.  I’ll leave it at that.

The biggest highlight of the burger for me was the combination of ketchup and mayo.  While you do get that flavour of BLT, the condiments added another dimension to the burger that made things really memorable.  I’m not really a big fan of condiments, but the way that they were used here made it a non-issue.

The most important part of any burger is the meat.  The meat was closer to well done, but the taste made up for that aspect of the temperature.  The small size of the burger makes it so much easier to eat a well done burger.  Then again, the above mentioned features make it something that you’ll forget rather quickly.

Queen Elizabeth Cake ($5)

This cake was described to me as a chocolate cake with vanilla cream.  No offense to the server, but the explanation was really lacking here.  It’s a case of if I would have known, I probably would have avoided dessert.

If I had to describe the cake, it would be a combination of coconut and some chocolate.  The texture of the cake reminded me of coconut and it did take me a bit of time to make that connection.  The chocolate portion was a little tougher than I would have preferred, as I like something that is easy to eat.

Final Verdict

Pub Sir Joseph seems to me like a place that has a relaxing atmosphere with service that is more than welcoming.  The majority of the food I tried was pretty good and there’s no doubt that I would be happy to return.

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