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250 Villeneuve O.
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 11, 55, 80, 97, 129, 435, 935

Visit:  August 15, 2011


This has been a location that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while.  It was actually suggested to me by the same person who allowed me to try L’Exception and their cream cheese burger for myself.  Luckily for me, being the third guest review burger opportunity, that person, along with 2 others, was there to see the verdict in person.

The restaurant is located very close to a major Montreal thoroughfare.  As a matter of a fact, the walk from Parc Avenue to the place is less than a minute.  Unfortunately for me, I almost passed it by, as I found myself at Saint-Urbain street.  So, you have to be quite careful as to not miss the location.

The decor of the restaurant is quite interesting.  By looking at the tables and chairs, you’d never know that this was a full service take-out delivery joint.  You could easily confuse yourself by thinking you’re in some sort of finer dining establishment.  Thanks to the fact that I had regulars with me, I found out that the restaurant underwent extensive renovations that astounded the locals.

As mentioned above, this is a full service take-out delivery restaurant.  The menu has a wide variety of standard take-out fare.  On top of the fact that the owners are Greek, you’ll see a lot of types of food that such proprietors would probably do.  From my past experience in this part of town, catering to a moderately high Greek community is a smart thing, but having such a vast menu makes you wonder a bit.  Having so many different types of items on the menu makes you wonder what the specialty is.

The service for the evening was quite above average.  Now, I’m wondering whether or not that was because I was with regulars, or was it the norm?  The two servers were kind and cordial, making sure that we were content with what we had.

I must end on two interesting notes.  I, as everyone by now knows, ordered ice tea.  What I got was a bottle of Snapple Pineapple ice tea.  Now, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how good it actually tasted.  The second note was a Burger Search first.  For the first time that I can remember, there was a group of people celebrating a birthday while I was there.  Seeing how the place wasn’t too packed, you could easily zone in on where this was happening.  Being a lunch diner myself, I don’t really get to see so many celebrations while on the search.

Le Québécquois

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, cheese, and bacon.

You can tell a lot about a burger from the first second you see it.  When I saw this burger, I was thinking two distinct things.  The first thing was about the size of the burger, it was big.  The second hard to miss item was the fact that a Burger Search no-no was committed.  When I received my burger, it was cut in half.  Apparently, I am a child, who cannot seem to understand the principles of burger mechanics.  I feel a whole lot better when I get to make the decision on whether or not I want my burger sliced in half.  Getting a burger presented to me that way just removes my power.  I am forced to change my game plan.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing that was not right.

When I saw the size of the burger, I was thinking I struck the jackpot.  The burger is big, not because the meat is huge, but due to the fact that the bun engulfed the contents.  It felt like the bun was twice the size of whatever was put between.  That led to situations where at the end of the burger consumption, you had bun, but no more meat.  Thanks to the fact that the burger was cut in half, you got this lovely experience twice.  So, basically, it’s like getting slapped in the face twice.

Since the bun was disproportionate to the rest of the contents, that created some more problems.  But, before I move on and explain those problems, it is important to explain that the half burger slicing compounded this particular issue.  Thanks to the awkwardness of the bun structure, a lot of the insides just fell out or wouldn’t stay in properly.  I had to rebuild the burger on more than one occasion.   It became more of a chore than I really needed it to be.

The bun seems to be taking a beating but there is one more slight issue that can’t be missed.  Holding the bun, while it may be quite stable, isn’t the most enjoyable things.  Every time I picked up the burger, I was left with what seemed like a whole bunch of crumbs.  I don’t know what the bun was coated in, but it left a pretty good memento of what I just did.  I didn’t really think napkins helped so much.

This burger contains a first for the search, the inclusion of green peppers.  I was wondering how this inclusion would affect the overall taste of the burger.  I believe it was a kin to getting caramelized onions, as the peppers tasted quite sweet and had that same consistency.  That was actually a highlight of the burger.

The meat in the burger was acceptable, mostly stable, despite the fact that a small chunk fell from the burger within thirty seconds of me receiving it.  The bacon and cheese in the burger were hardly noticeable, which wasn’t that big of a deal because the peppers really made up for that.

In all, with the ingredients you are getting, the potential for this burger was high.  However, with so many setbacks relating to the bun and structure, it makes it very difficult to remember anything else.  The fact that the restaurant “specializes” in pizza explains in a way why the burger was the way it was.  The fact that the bun is coated in a crumb-like substance reminds me of a pizza crust.  If it wasn’t for the setbacks, I would’ve been able to focus more on the taste, which is a big disappointment.

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  1. fredmahieu said: Moi aussi je n’avais pas aimé qu’on coupe mon burger en deux. Turn off! En passant, Terrasse Lafayette se trouve sur le Plateau Mont-Royal. La frontière ouest du Plateau est l’avenue du Parc.
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