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Burger 106:  La Cage Aux Sports

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Mr. Lew:  For the second guest review in the Great Burger Search, I was joined by 2 of the biggest supporters of what I do.  As you’ll see, this will turn out to be quite the post.  The 2 guest reviewers are Jacob and Christopher.

Jacob:  The Alarm

This hamburger contained prime rib, lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, jalapeno bacon, jalapenos, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

Getting the burger though, was a difficult task. When we arrived at The Cage Aux Sports, the hostess greeted us with an unusual “Are you here to eat?” (No we’re just 3 men here to watch T.V and sniff the food)

When we arrived at our table, we were given a special summer menu (good thing too, because there was only one hamburger on the normal menu) We all ordered what we wanted. I ordered the Alarm, monster sized (double patty).

30 minutes latter, the waitress came to our table and told us that there were only two patties left in the entire restaurant. (wow! Good thing you told us before we ordered our meal and waited 30 minutes for it) So, I had to downsize to a single patty Alarm. (Thank you Chris for taking the bullet)

30 minutes later, the burger arrived. I had also ordered a poutine (though it arrived hot, it quickly cooled down to “Not-hot-enough-to-enjoy” temperature) and an ice tea along with the burger with free refills.

Jacob’s Poutine

The burger was actually good, though I was mentally ready for a double patty. The bread was a bit greasy, so I had to use a napkin to wipe it. The jalapeno bacon wasn’t really special and their wasn’t enough jalapenos in it either.

I’m not saying the burger wasn’t good, but I ordered the Alarm because I was expecting something Spicy. The burger was about as spicy as over-peppering a steak. Nothing “Alarming” at any rate.

The hamburger was good, it was ordinary, but I enjoyed it. The way the mayonnaise marinated in the jalapenos was quite pleasant. It made a sort of spicy mayonnaise sauce throughout the whole burger. The meat was delicious, the burger held itself perfectly and I ended up pretty filled up at the end (including the poutine and 3 ice teas)

I would definitely eat that burger again, (not at the same restaurant though) but I would choose onion rings as a sidedish instead.

The bill came up to 22.18$: 12.99$ for the burger, 2.49$ extra for the poutine (not worth it, it was cold) and 3.99$ for the ice tea (ridiculous price).

Chris’s “Burger”

We decided that La Cage Aux Sport would be a great place to go for a burger.  Our original location was set to be at the Bell Center.  Sadly, Ms. Jackson was in town and our location needed to be moved to another close by Cage aux Sport. Little did we know this would be foreshadowing the future of our burger search. Once at our new destination, the hostess greets us with this following statement: “c’est pour manger?” I know what you’re asking yourself, and no, I didn’t say that to her face, but rather I told her yes its to eat FOOD at your RESTAURANT. Once again, foreshadowing the future.

Now seated at our table, we are given a summer menu containing a good selection of burgers, to my delight. Sadly, this hostess figured that she would seat us next to some Bruins memorabilia to really please some Habs loyalists, but this was only the beginning.

Now, for the climax of this search. Once our orders were placed for burgers, because this is a burger search, our waitress comes back, a good half an hour later, to inform us that there are only two burger patties left. I know what you’re thinking, “Chris, what are you going to do?” No, I didn’t kill her, because really it’s not her fault. I’m not going to shoot the messenger when really she probably wasn’t aware of the burger shortage the world is facing. So, being a team player, I took one for the team, and ordered the half rack of ribs and chicken leg. Yes, a burger search, without the burger, ironic. It was however, good. The chicken was well done and the ribs were pretty good. The french fries were sub-par, but hey, at least I had food.


Chris’s Dessert:  Cheesecake

Then came dessert, which if you know me, was cheesecake. It was good and the fruit was real, so it made the fact that I didn’t get a burger a little better.  But no, they were not off the hook. It was much better watching the waitress tell the table behind us that they were out of burgers. The facial reactions were priceless, something even Mastercard can’t buy.

So at the end of the day, I learned a valuable lesson: when you go to a restaurant, check the status of their fridge and if they have enough of what you plan on eating to serve you. I was promised by Mr. Lew that I would be able to return on another burger search to find a burger, and he personally guaranteed that I would get one.  So, let’s hope he knows enough people to pull some strings to get a burger.

It’s time for the ratings:

Burger: N/A —> I didn’t get a burger, how can I rate it.

Service: 5.9/10 —-> I can’t get past the “are you hear to eat?” question. Good thing the waitress picked up the slack.

Cleanliness: 8/10—-> My knife was clean at least.

Atmosphere: 4.7/10 —-> Not many people there, I wonder why? *cough cough*

Food 6.8/10 —> I didn’t get a burger, but they had cheesecake, if they didn’t…. watch out

Supper with Mr. Lew 10/10 —— I was with an icon, so it was still worth it, regardless of the burger

Overall score 5.99/10 —-> I didnt get a burger, so they can’t pass. When you have a summer menu advertising burgers, you need burgers, and if you don’t have any, you fail. Never the less, the experience was amazing and I would go back anytime with the burger king (Mr. Lew) to search for my missing burger. I learned some important life lessons and now I know: when they ask you if you want to eat, they are missing burgers!!

Mr. Lew:  If you are interested in becoming a future guest reviewer, click here.  I promise there will be a burger for you.

  1. bagelofdeath said: A lot of people go to La Cage Aux Sports for drinks only, so generally when seating people in such bar/restaurant establishments, the waitress or waiter will ask if you’re here to eat so she knows to seat you instead of offering up the bar.
  2. allsprettybymania said: bc I notice that they take the orders but prepare it in other location ( the one across the street) and bring it to the place they need to be served!!!
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