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926 South Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bus:  SEPTA 23, 40, 47

Visit:  March 27, 2014


For the final burger of this trip to Philadelphia, it was finally time for the first one chosen during the planning phase.  Located on one of the most unique streets in the entire city, this place was part of the top 50 restaurants in Philadelphia.  After bouncing back and forth through the city, it was finally time to make my way to Supper.

Last June, I started the planning phase for a trip to Philadelphia.  One of the first certainties was the fact that we would be headed to South Street sometime during the trip.  It was to my great delight that a big name was located on the street and they had a burger, one that Thrillist named as one of the best in the entire country.  With credentials like that, how can you turn down such an opportunity?


Supper, like it’s been mentioned before, is located on South Street.  I had the chance to walk down this street after my supper at Supper and it’s got to be one of the strangest ones.  We made the mistake (or did we?) of letting our students find food on this street.  Here, you’ll find some of the weirdest people anywhere and some more potential burger locations for the future, if there is one.  Luckily, all our students returned unharmed and we were able to make our way to a ghost tour.


Like a lot of my other visits on this trip, I was able to take advantage of the timing we’ve been having.  I made my way into the restaurant right at opening and was seated immediately right in the corner of the place.  As a matter of fact , if you browse Supper’s website, you’ll see the table I had on the main page.


From my seat, I was able to see the majority of the restaurant, including a bird’s eye view into the open kitchen.  There, you could see what looked like the owner/chef commanding things and running operations smoothly.  Since I was in the corner and in direct eye sight, my own paranoia led me to believe that I was being stared at.  Then again, I’m not that important or worth anyone’s time.  All I have to say is that it was a top notch operation and I couldn’t be any more impressed.


The server, who was assigned to me, was quite knowledgeable about the menu and did their job to a tee.  They were quite polite and attended to my every need, even if I didn’t have many.  All the questions I threw out were fielded quite well and I wish I had the memory to remember the answer I got.  When it came time to leave, I had to turn down dessert.  I was stuffed at this point, no thanks to the lunch I had just hours prior.  I felt like I disappointed the server when I couldn’t go on.  But, despite my lack of appetite, I was well taken care of.


The Supper Burger ($19)

This burger contains crisp country ham, cheddar, overnight tomatoes, caramelized onions, and house pickles.

Before I get to the burger, I have to note the side of duck fat fried potatoes.  Just the sound of that alone makes you want to run out and grab a heart surgeon.  That’s the reaction of the normal person.  My reaction to something that sounds like that is to figure out the quickest route to my mouth.  The fries were alright and they came with a variety of dips.  They included truffle mayo, beer mustard, and thousand island.  Since I was stuffed, I did my best to try them all, but the potatoes al fresco were my choice.


What isn’t really apparent by looking at the picture of the burger is just how big it actually is.  I know I was sitting in the United States of America, where everything is big, but I was hoping to have something normal.  Fine dining places are increasingly having burgers on their menus and they tend to be smaller.  So, the 10 ounces of meat were something that I didn’t really comprehend until it was right in front of me.

The first thing that I got from the burger itself was the size of the bread compared to the meat.  The bread was way larger than the meat.  This creates a problem because you’re bound to lose structural integrity.  This led to a phenomena known as  two burgers in one.  As I took bites on one side of the burger, the meaty part came first.  The country ham became dominant in the latter bites.  While this was an obstacle, taste is more important to consider.

The actual meat part, like the other burgers on this trip, arrived to the table at the requested temperature.  The special blend of meat was probably burger eating at its best.  You’re not really bothered by anything overly fancy.  The meat is probably the biggest attraction to this burger.

During the second half of the burger consumption period, the added element caught my attention.  The crisp country ham took me by surprise and what a surprise it was.  This was a thin layer of crunchy ham that really added another component to the burger.  This was like having another sandwich hidden in a top notch burger.

This was the one burger I was waiting over nine months for.  It took me a long time to make it here and at the end of it all, I can’t say the burger disappointed at all.  While there were a few issues, the overall taste was the thing that I’ll take with me when I think back to my trip to Philadelphia.


Final Verdict

Supper is a fine dining establishment that serves food that would make you traverse hundreds of miles to get to.  The burger was, by far, one of the fanciest ones I have ever seen with some surprising elements.  In the end, I was glad to have tried one of the better burgers in the entire United States.

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