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1437 Rene-Levesque O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Lucien L’Allier, Guy-Concordia
Bus: STM 15, 36, 57, 150, 178, 410, 420, 427, 430, 435, 747

Visit: August 1, 2011


La Cage Aux Sports was one of the burger search location that I’ve been waiting to go to since I began this whole adventure. Over time, I’ve kept this as one of my back-up locations in case another didn’t pan out. However, I found the perfect opportunity to come to the cage of sports. Now, this wasn’t the particular location I chose. Thanks to Janet Jackson at the Bell Center, we had to shuffle down Rene-Levesque to the next closest one, which wasn’t a big deal at all, or so we thought.

This was one of those visits you had to be there for, just so that you could believe and understand the level of hysterics that were to occur. To begin, we were greeted by the hostess, who really overtly doubted whether we were here or not to eat. Seriously, I don’t go to restaurants just to sit and eat pop-corn.

Pop-corn is a great segway. The most popular thing in the entire establishment was a pop-corn machine. Being wise, I didn’t fall prey to it, but many, upon many of individuals were seen taking from this machine. This wasn’t good because we noticed this same hostess cleaning the inner glass, while the pop-corn was still lying there, with Windex. Now, you spray Windex and it goes places. So, a new specialty at this location can be called Windex Corn.

Two strikes weren’t bad enough, we were seated next to a lovely framed hockey jersey. A little ways away was a hockey logo clock. The television had wonderful highlights of a particular hockey team winning the Stanley Cup, playing over and over again. They even had TSN on, which showed their players getting hit all over the place. Now, this being Montreal, doesn’t that fit all criteria for the Habs? Well, if you saw this one coming, you’ll know that the team that surrounded the whole “burger eating experience” was the Boston Bruins.

We should’ve taken that as all the signs we needed to get the heck out of there. But, the lovely rain, in a way, prevented that. I’m stubborn, so that means I’ll stick through things until the very end, no matter how bad or difficult. That wasn’t enough to prepare us for the biggest shock of the entire night.

After placing our “burger” orders, the three of us proceeded to wait for an eternity. About 30 minutes later, the poor server came out and informed us that there were only 2 burger patties left. Now, let’s do the math. We ordered 3 burgers, with 2 of us going double. That meant, sacrifices were to be made. After being dumbfounded, we speculated as to why this was. The staff informed us that they tore the whole back storage apart to find burger patties, but no such luck. That’s a bad sign because that would mean that the burgers weren’t made fresh. For a restaurant that revamped its Summer menu, which heavily featured burgers, running out of the key ingredient is unforgivable.

Why did we stay? We stayed because the review had to go through and we had to find out how this adventure was to end. In the end, one of the three participants did not get their wished upon burger, as the other two had to cut their doubles in half. Let’s just say, we were not happy.

My final thoughts go to the poor server who had to deliver the information. That, in no way, was that person’s fault. When the same information was delivered to the table behind us, the look of grief was just too apparent. That server at least was respectable, courteous, and worked hard for her tips. For a restaurant that wasn’t so full, there is no excuse on this planet to run out of burger meat.

You see what I was dealing with?

Ice Tea

It should be noted that with any meal you purchase, you get free refills. The one question I need to ask is whether or not an ice tea, with or without free refills, worth 4 dollars? This is just price gauging and a low blow after such a lousy experience. I can understand why a restaurant is so empty if they’re going to charge so much for a low level drink. I can understand 3 dollars, but 4 is pushing it.

Le Classique

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and bacon.

The first impression one gets when seeing this burger is that you’d see something that looks like this at a more upscale burger restaurants. Aesthetically speaking, this burger can pass off for any other gourmet burger in the city. However, it may look “good,” but that’s not what I’m really looking for.

The main feature of this burger is the fact that is was made with prime rib. Now, if you read the opening to this review, you’ll know that we were shortchanged a lot. That affected our overall thoughts and feelings. As a seasoned burger eating pro, I don’t think I was as affected as my two first time compatriots. I do, however, wonder what actual meat was put in the burger. From my tasting, it felt like it was actually the prime rib.

The prime rib meat tasted, for the most part, bland. It took a really long while to really understand what kind of taste I was getting. Even though it was easy to chew and to finish, I didn’t really get that satisfaction that you’d get with a regular beef burger.

The structure of the burger was probably the shining point. At no time during the meal did I feel like I was losing control. Even though some pieces of lettuce fell out at the start, everything stayed put and it was a burger until the end.

The ingredients were given a chance to shine with this particular choice of meat. My biggest disappointment came with the bacon. Even though I could taste it by itself, the bacon was lost when meshed with the other components of the burger. I can say the exact same thing for the cheese. Another note has to be given for the side salad I chose. I felt it didn’t complement the burger whatsoever. Even though most of the salad was fine, the croutons felt like cardboard. It was either that, a heavy poutine, or McDonald’s fries, and we all know what I think of those.

Overall, let down or not, the burger has to be judged on its own merits. Even though I didn’t get the double patties like I wanted, that didn’t change things so much. A single patty burger was plenty for the meal. Double would’ve been overkill. The following is something I’ve given a lot of thought to. I believe everyone should give the Cage burgers a try, but pick a better, more prepared location to do so. The burger search is so much more than the actual burger, its the whole production that goes into delivering the burger to the customer, as we found out during this historically disappointing experience.

Chocolate Cake

This is your standard chocolate cake. The picture made this cake look way bigger than it needed to be. However, I will say that this overshadowed the burger entirely. I don’t care how this cake was made or bought, it was very good. I had my doubts looking at the size of the plate used for the dessert, as I felt it was too big for such a tiny piece of cake.

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