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Click here to listen to my part in the CJAD interview.

Due to a few requests for more information, I decided to put together a blog post detailing the whole story on Mr. Lew’s appearance on CJAD.

Monday July 25, 2011

Shortly after 5:00 p.m., I noticed an e-mail telling me that CJAD radio host Dan Delmar is now following me on Twitter.  Now, this fact alone didn’t really overwhelm me because he’s not the first radio type to follow me on Twitter.

BTW, to follow me on Twitter, here’s the link:  mrlewburger

Not thinking much about what I just got in my e-mail, I shortly get another one from the host himself with “CJAD Interview?” in the subject line.  I start getting nervous because I’ve never done anything like this in my life.  Give me a class of students, and I’m fine, but this is much bigger.  After exchanging a number of e-mails and a phone call, it was confirmed, I was to appear on CJAD the next evening.

Tuesday July 26, 2011

This was going to be a big day.  Not only was this going to be the radio interview, but I was set to go on Burger 105, which is the first joint review I’ve ever done.  Originally, the time proposed for the interview was 7:30p.m., and due to my prior commitments, my availability was in question.  However, the host was understanding and proposed a time that was convenient to all.

My ride downtown went through the ever so popular Complain Bridge (Champlain for those who don’t know).  I was the only passenger on the bus and then, got a nice seat to hear, over the next 20 minutes, the driver’s road rage as the car in front let everyone else in front of them.  I was lucky as we managed to bypass a major accident on the Bonaventure approach.

Burger 105 at Méchant Boeuf was my first destination on this big day.  I want to say that my mind was completely into it, but with radio ahead of me, it was really divided.  It’s a shame because the blog people that joined me, Foodie Date Night, were real cordial people who made the experience all the better.  As they were headed for the Paul McCartney concert, I was headed for my destination, radio.

A link to the Burger 105 review:  Méchant Boeuf

Foodie Date Night’s website:  LINK

The Méchant Burger

The burger I mentioned having at the beginning of my interview.  You can hear more about it by clicking the link above.

Closing in on Showtime

After parting ways with my blogging cohorts, my challenge was to find a quiet public place to take a phone call.  Now, I was in the Old Port section of Montreal.  I only had about 20-25 minutes to make my ascent to an ideal location.  I made my way up Saint-Laurent towards the Place D’Armes metro station and into the Palais des Congres.  I was walking towards the underground walking network and I was going to settle there, but I remembered, there’s a chance that my cell might lose its signal.  I wasn’t going to take that chance.  Even though there was a janitor pushing a rolling garbage can (which was really loud), the lounge near the Bleury exit was ideal.  There weren’t too many people and the seat was decently uncomfortable enough to settle for the 15 minutes I was to be there.

The Interview

Shortly after 8:00p.m., I received a call from the radio station and started my patient wait on the line.  During the wait, I was treated to the CJAD news broadcast.  I have to note that while waiting on the line, the volume of the radio feed was extremely loud, but at least it was clear.

I’m going to take this moment to re-emphasize how nervous I was.

After getting introduced and exchanging banter with Dan Delmar, it was time to go over my list of 5 must-try burger places in Montreal.

1.  L’Anecdote

801 Rachel, walking distance from the Mont-Royal metro station

Burger Classique Grand

This burger was memorable because is had everything I wanted in it.  The meat was juicy and I didn’t have to fight the double patty inclusion.

A link to the review can be found here.

2.  Burger de Ville

59 Westminster North, walking distance from the Montreal West train station

Bacon Cheeseburger

This burger was memorable because of the value for the price you’re paying.  The ingredients go well together.  The free refills didn’t hurt either.

A link to the review can be found here.

3.  Marché 27

27 Prince-Arthur, right off Saint-Laurent

Burger w/blue cheese

Once you get past the inclusion of blue cheese, this burger is a delight to have.  It’s an easy burger to take down, but I highly recommend using napkins as you will get messy.

A link to the review can be found here.

4.  Paulo & Suzanne

5501 Gouin E., right near the Sacré Coeur Hospital

Burger Ultime

I thought this burger was a little small when I first saw it.  After that, it all changed.  The taste blew me away because of the South-West sauce made the rest of the ingredients so much better.

A link to the review can be found here.

5.  Nouveau Palais

281 Bernard O., right off Parc Avenue

Burger du Nouveau Palais

This burger reminded me of L’Anecdote a lot.  The juiciness of this burger and the taste made this one that I soon won’t forget.  I even use it as my Twitter background.

A link to this review can be found here.

The interview ended with my discussion of my main criteria for a “must-try” burger.

1.  Structure - If a burger falls apart, it’s not a burger anymore.

2.  Ingredients - How well do the ingredients go together.

3.  Quality of Meat - Do I have to fight the meat?  Or does it go down easy?

This is where I put in a joke about eating wood.  That wasn’t my original idea.  I wanted to mention a hockey puck, but I didn’t want to take the chance of getting the 7 second delay dump.

The following pictures were taken after the interview just to illustrate where I was looking at when I was doing the interview.  In retrospect, I should’ve taken pictures of the floor and ceiling because that’s where my eyes were.

My view to the right.

My view to the left.

The view behind me.  The exit, in case.

My notes.  The teacher in me demanded it.

Overall, The Great Burger Search has given me the wonderful opportunity to try restaurants that I’d normally never dare to set foot in.  If all works well, I have about 3 and half more years worth of places I can visit in the Greater Montreal Area and that’s not counting outside Montreal.  So, only bigger and better things from here.

Random Observations

I’d like to end this blog post with some random observations and pictures from the road home after the interview.

After the interview, I decided on ice cream.  There’s only one place I trusted with this hard assignment and that was Ben & Jerry’s.  Alright, that’s not the only reason.  I needed to purchase my 5th ice cream so that I could position myself for my 6th free one.  The road wasn’t going to be easy, so I decided to walk it.  I started from Palais des Congres, I headed up Bleury, made a right at De La Gauchetiere towards Chinatown (second home).  I entered the Complex Guy-Favreau and Desjardins network up to the surface at Sainte-Catherine.  Upon exiting, I saw this:

That’s the Grumman truck, the truck that everyone’s talking about.  I talked about it during the consumption of burger with FoodieDateNight.  It’s here.  I was going to settle for this picture because of the nice fence they put up during festival time.  I don’t like people looking through my things.  But seeing as they blocked off the most direct path, I had to take that sacrifice.  Luckily, I got this:

Since I’ve heard so much about this truck, it has increased my desire to go here one day.  Now, the truck was only set up for July 27th’s mobile food court (which I couldn’t go to).  I’m hoping to have an opportunity to add this to the GBS Annex in the near future.

My walking quest continued along Sainte-Catherine towards ice cream paradise on McGill College.  As I walked, I was behind the nice gentlemen who was so generous and kind that he shared his CIGAR SMOKE with us all.  For that, I am so entirely grateful.

I reached Ben & Jerry’s and saw a HUGE line.  The fatigue in me and lack of patience almost forced me home, but I turned around and decided to wait.  Turns out, I was behind a whole day camp’s worth of customers.  It was long, but was it to be?  Once I got to the counter, I noticed something odd, there was NOTHING in the ice cream containers.  I rattled off my first choice, nada.  My second choice, zippo.  Then, out of pure and sheer desperation, I asked for the one in front of me, and the counter attendant smiled and said, “we have that one.”  That person went behind to the back counter, pulled out a box and preceded to cut open the ice cream.  I was served.  I paid my 5 dollars, but was never handed my 10 cents worth of change.  No big deal, because MY NEXT ICE CREAM IS FREE!!!  Here’s the ice cream I ended up with:

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has become a vital part of my summertime existence.  My normal flavors I like are Chocolate Therapy and Cherry Garcia.  This one was vanilla ice cream with chocolate pieces.  I was a little hesitant at first, but the vanilla ice cream was as good as can be.  The chocolate pieces hit the spot when needed.  Together, it was worth it.

A link to my previous Ben & Jerry’s visits can be found here.

Final Word

This has got to be a day I won’t soon forget.  This was actually the second time I’ve been on CJAD (The first was my domination of the CJAD Trivia Show audio quiz in 2004.  Advice:  don’t challenge me to guessing wrestling theme songs.  The 50 dollar gift certificate wasn’t so worth it in the end though).

I’m working right now on a way to find or post an audio link to the interview.  Once done, I’ll post it in every conceivable way I know how.

To conclude, stay tuned for more exciting things at Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search in 2011-2012 for Season 3.  If you made it this far in the post, I think you deserve some BACON. <- CLICK ME!!!

Mr. Lew

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