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This post is the part of a joint review by myself and Foodie Date Night.  It was an absolute pleasure to get to try this restaurant with them. 

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124 St. Paul O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Place D’Armes, Champs-de-Mars
Bus: STM 14, 55, 129, 715

Visit: July 26, 2011


I’ve had my eye on this restaurant for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, my rather cramped schedule was the obstacle preventing me from coming to this establishment. They claim to have the “best” burger in Montreal. Whenever I hear anyone make that claim, I become very doubtful about it. In my opinion, there is no such thing as the best burger in Montreal, just great burgers all trying to vie for your hard earned dollar.

The first thing I noticed in the restaurant was the lack of lighting. It made my job a little harder as I like to avoid using the flash on my camera. What really miffed me was that they only started putting out candles towards the end of the visit. I could’ve really of used that to see the food I’m eating.

The ambiance of the restaurant varied from start to finish. Upon entering a little past 6 p.m., I notice that there were a multitude of empty seats in the restaurant. That quickly changed as parties of people entered and filled the place. As a Burger Search first, there was live music near the dining area. When I noticed one of the musicians coming in, I was wondering how much of an effect that would have on the dining experience. But that musician took a very long time to set up. Once the singer joined in, I only got to hear one song, which was McCartney related, since he was playing the Bell Center.

The service was cordial and prompt and the beginning. This was the first time I’ve ever made an electronic reservation. Due to some misfortune, I had to change it earlier. I was lucky because the hostess and the system picked up on that without any problems whatsoever. It’s something that I’d do again in the future. Towards the end of the service, the server was harder to get a hold of, which I find weird because that’s when money was to be exchanged. Especially when people have to get going, it’s usually nice to have quicker access to one’s server when the bill is required.

The Méchant Burger “Trio”

The Méchant Burger

This burger contains greens, Blue Ciel de Charlevoix cheese, Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon.

First impressions on a burger are very important for me, but never the defining line when I judge what I’m eating. This burger looked a bit small. Aesthetically, I looked fine, though I wasn’t to thrilled to see leaves coming from my burger, though I knew it was coming.

The cheese was a big area of interest in this burger. I didn’t realize there was “blue” cheese in this burger until a revision of the menu was made. Normally, I do not like blue cheese. I’ve made that mistake a few times in the past and regretted it. This burger is different. The blue cheese is harder to taste. Therefore, it does not overwhelm the rest of the ingredients at all.

The other principal ingredients also had there various roles to play. I could’ve done without the greens in this burger. I know that some of the better burgers in Montreal use them, but I believe it makes no real difference. Apparently there were caramelized onions, though you wouldn’t of really known it until someone points them out to you.

The bacon’s placement bothered me somewhat. It’s not so much an issue with the taste or degree of cooking, but how it affected the latter stages of the eating process. There were two slices of bacon sticking out so much that in the end, I had a bun and bacon left with no meat. I know I have a love of bacon, but like that is not what I wanted. Though I may be making a big deal of it, it’s not that big of an issue, just merely an observation.

The main player in any burger is the meat. At ordering, the server stated that the meat was to be cooked medium. Upon further inspection of a half eaten burger patty, I noticed that is was more along the lines of medium well or even well done. In this case, the difference between advertising and result did not really affect enjoyment of the burger. I didn’t have to fight the meat and I felt it was cooked just right. For a little inside joke, it wasn’t the proverbial piece of wood.

Overall, this burger had its strong points. The fact that some of the components were lost in the shuffle dropped a few points. The bun and cheese were the real saving grace of this burger. While some may claim its the “best” burger in Montreal, I again question the value I’m getting for 17 dollars. In the end, the whole meal tied the Burger Search record of 35 dollars. The only difference is that this time, for the entire meal, I felt that I got more bang for my buck. Yes, I may have paid that much, but for the poutine and burger combination, it was worth it.


This poutine contains french fries, cheese curbs, and pulled pork.

The poutine at this restaurant is a 6 dollar upgrade on the side of your chosen burger. In recent past, I’ve always tried to get the poutine upgrades on my burgers. Some times I regretted it, and others, I felt good about my choice. For something to be worth 6 dollars on top of a 17 dollar burger, it has to either stand out in some way or taste really, really good.

The first thing you notice on this poutine is the presence of pulled pork. This is the second time I’ve had pulled pork and only the first time I’ve had it on poutine. The first thing I’ll mention is that the quality of this pulled pork was far beyond the first time I’ve had it. You’d expect something like this to be hard to chew, but it really wasn’t. It seemed to mesh real well with the rest of the poutine.

The rest of the poutine were your normal ingredients you’d fine anywhere else. The cheese curds were of a good quality. The ones in the top right corner of the plate were huge, therefore I tried to save them for last. The fries and sauce were somewhat overshadowed by the pulled pork and cheese in this case. Overall, it didn’t overshadow the burger, but complimented it pretty well.

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