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The beginning of a new year is well behind us.  In any line of work, January is a month where things slow down a bit as we all catch our collective breaths from a hectic holiday season.  Here, at the search, it’s business as usual.  2013 was such a landmark year, so much so that the 12 months will have a whole lot of trouble living up.  But, with that being said, I’m going to try with everything I have to make it quite the year.

January is big when it comes to eating for one major reason, Happening Gourmand.  This is one of my favorite eating events throughout the entire year.  One of the disappointing things for me this year is the fact that I was only able to make it out once, when in the past, I’ve hit multiple spots.  This year, with the one visit I was able to make, I made sure it was somewhere that I really wanted to try.

Part of the reason why I wasn’t able to really hit up all the major places was the fact that I upgraded my tools.  This was something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while and some changes in plans allowed me to make the all necessary upgrades.  Part of the reason I wanted to make that change was to take advantage of Instagram.  I’m hoping to interact more with that particular vehicle and it’s been fun so far.  With that being said, you can follow me on Instagram and check out some of the best things I had the chance to eat in the past 5 years.

Without wasting any more time, here’s what helped kick off 2014:

1.  Boston Pizza and the Pizzaburger

The end of 2013 was a tough one and the fact that I was sick for the last two weeks didn’t help matters much.  That inconvenience forced to push some posts back into the new year.  Luckily, they weren’t so epic to have an impact on my review posts.  The first of those posts was a bowling field trip that culminated at Boston Pizza where I tried something out of the ordinary.

2.  Sushi Palace

In 2013, I tried a whole bunch of sushi and that was really enough to last my lifetime.  All you can eat is also a very dangerous term when you dangle those words in my face.  At these places, they should have a picture of me so that they can close up shop the second I get nearby.  You have to pick and choose at these places if you really want to leave filled up nicely.

3.  Barbie’s

My first official burger of 2014 came from Dorval, at the edge of the West Island.  So many people have been pushing me to go to this particular location that I couldn’t ignore it much longer.  What I found there, in a way, reignited the fun I have going to different restaurants.  The server, by itself, was totally worth the trek all the way to Dorval from no man’s land.

4.  Lafayette Hot Dog

The area surrounding the Papineau metro station is one that I’ve frequented a great deal over the last few years.  I’ve always seen this restaurant out of the corner of my eye and I’ve always wondered about it.  These might be small neighborhood restaurants, but they are the kinds that I seek out.  I like the places that no one ever talks about.

5.  Dutchys

The next burger took me all the way to the West Island once again.  Dutchys is a small restaurant that opened a little while ago and the whole operation is run by one person.  The thing that stuck with me from that visit was the immense serving of feta cheese on the Greek salad and just how good the burger was.

6.  Ben & Florentine

My last visit to this breakfast establishment dated back to 2011.  During that visit, it was more than obvious was I ordered and what I focused on.  Now, with some time to spare and less pressure burgerwise, it was easy to see what they had to offer in their specialty.  While some people might be turned off by their reputation, I just saw it as another place.

7.  Kyo

After going through the long and cold weeks of winter, it was finally time to immerse myself in Happening Gourmand.  Kyo, which took over Aix’s spot in the line-up, is the newest part of the month long event.  The limited menu did throw a bit of a monkey wrench in the proceedings, but we all found something to latch onto, regardless of what we thought of that.

To be posted in February 2014:

-Burgers 227-230

Stay tuned!


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