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1464 Crescent
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Peel, Guy-Concordia
Bus: STM 15, 24, 150, 178, 410, 420, 427, 430, 435, 747

Visit: July 9, 2011

Yogurt isn’t something that I really enjoy. However, when someone or someplace presents me with something I can’t turn down, I have to try it. In this case, this frozen yogurt shop has come up with an idea that is so epic, my presence was required. It’s bacon flavored frozen yogurt. I don’t need to say much more than that. It explains itself. Anything bacon related is epic awesomeness.

The shop is self-serve. You enter, pick up a cup and choose your flavor. Once you figure out the contraption that pumps the yogurt into your cup, you fill it up to your desired level. Once done that, you choose your toppings. There are a multitude of toppings to put on your frozen yogurt, too many to list. Once completed, you weigh your creation, pay, then enjoy. The price works out to 45 cents an ounce. For you frozen yogurt fans, this is the place to go, says the person who knows very little about frozen yogurt.

Bacon Frozen Yogurt

Bacon Frozen Yogurt - Closer View

Tried: July 9, 2011

Like I mentioned before, I’m not a yogurt fan whatsoever. However, I will try mostly anything bacon related. This cup of frozen yogurt has my chosen toppings of bacon hickory sticks, and yes, gummy bears. The gummy bears weren’t such a good idea on my behalf, as they just got in the the way. On the other hand, the bacon hickory sticks just added to the bacony goodness. I also figured that if I accidentally got the wrong flavor, the bacon sticks would surely fix things. The frozen yogurt itself had a consistency of ice cream. That was the biggest part I was worried about. I’ve had yogurt in the past and wasn’t happy with the taste. Frozen yogurt seems a whole lot more palatable than regular yogurt. Now, everyone is wondering, bacon frozen yogurt? I’ll admit, I had a little trouble tasting the bacon, but it was there. It’s definitely there. My only complaint is that the bacon flavor wasn’t strong enough, but it was enough to satisfy this first time frozen yogurt attempt. The offer of bacon as a flavor was a limited one, as it will no longer be available.



Left - “Pumping Station”


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