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2774 Salaberry
Galeries Normandie
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 164, 180
Train: Du Ruisseau

Visit: June 15, 2011

Being only half-Chinese, I do have some stock when it comes to Chinese food. One of my colleagues asked me to come with them to this restaurant, so I obliged, only because the meal was going to be paid for. I found the service to be quite cold. There were 2 servers who were more concerned about the rush than anything else. I also really despise eating in an open mall setting like this.

Won Ton Soup

Tried: June 15, 2011

This is the same won ton soup you can get at any Tiki Ming in Montreal. This is not the best Won Ton soup you’ll ever get either. What this dish looks like is exactly 6 won ton pieces in water, with some onions as decoration. The pieces had no taste and I regretted doing this to myself. So, no change in the best won ton in Montreal choice here.

Shrimp Noodles

Tried: June 15, 2011

This dish contains a cornucopia of various ingredients, mainly featuring shrimp. First of all, I was surprised by the amount of food on this dish. I was doubting whether or not I could finish it. Even though I did finish, I wasn’t blown away or anything. The shrimp weren’t really of high quality. The taste was fine, but nothing spectacular.

Rice w/Shrimp, Chicken and Cashews

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