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931 Cremazie (Marche Central)
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 19, 54, 100, 179, 460
Train: Chabanel

Visit: June 10, 2011

Being that I like going out with my colleagues when they suggest something, I didn’t hesitate when we were going to try this place. Rotisserie chicken is something that I’m fickle with. A lot of it is pure garbage and very few are worth the time of day. The first thing we noticed was the upscale decor, for chicken. That doesn’t add up for me. The server was cold and I felt like I was an imposition on them. The ice tea I was brought was clearly watered down. I was thinking about that for 30 minutes and I got a second opinion from my trusted colleague, who agreed with me. On the level of service, I’m not impressed. It makes me wonder whether or not I’ll return to try the burger I found on the menu.


Tried: June 10, 2011

The taste of the chicken itself was no different that medium-quality rotisserie chicken places. It was a whole lot better than Scores. The mashed potatoes, which I was happy to see was available, were lumpy and had too much garlic for my taste. I’m fussy when it comes to mashed potatoes, so that means there can’t be lumps. This meal is worth at least one try, but it won’t blow you away. The portion size, in my opinion, was a lot to handle, especially when I can feel it now, 4 hours later.

Half-Chicken w/extra sauce

Quarter Chicken Lunch Special

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