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3895 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 29, 55, 144

Visit: June 7, 2011

One cannot be a Montrealer (or someone living near Montreal) without a visit to this iconic Montreal institution. Regardless of the quality of the food, this is still the place to at least try once. I enter at about 11:00 a.m. and find myself with a decent choice of places to sit. Once upon a time, tales of line-ups would make a normal person shriek. These day, the new take-out counter was opened to combat that. A sitting at this establishment is not so much about eating, but about watching the people who stream in and out. The regulars who sit and chat like it’s a living room, the lunch crowd who are looking for their fix, and me, looking to take their place in Montreal society. I won’t say much about service, since I found it to be a little distant. But then again, we’re not here for that.

Smoked Meat Sandwich (1)

So iconic, a second picture needed to be taken.

Smoked Meat Sandwich (2)

Schwartz’s is famous for their smoked meat. Though many have debated the merits of it throughout time, you cannot go on without trying it once, good or bad. As you can see, the piles of smoked meat is so high, that the bread can barely contain it. As a matter of fact, when you pick up the sandwich, the inner workings start to fall out. Being the consummate eater that I am, I picked up a fork and scooped it all up. The meat itself did not really overly impress me. Maybe I was expecting the holy grail, but it was good enough for a lunch stop. The bread was fine, except when it came to a crust that took too much effort to chew. I do definitely intend on returning so that I can try the smoked meat cooked either medium or with tremendous amounts of fat, as I selected lean. Perhaps the choice of lean affected the taste, though I don’t think so. I will now add smoked meat to the list of things I’m looking for.

French Fries

Place Mat

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