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Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search - BONUS Burgers Introduction

Throughout the search, people make joke suggestions concerning fast food places.  While they do not count towards the burger search, they still are burgers.  Therefore, it is my duty to present all burgers.

5180 Decarie
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 17, 51, 63, 129, 166
Metro: Snowdon

Visit: April 24, 2010

We all know what Wendy’s is, a fast food place. My visit was purely out of curiosity for a burger that people have been talking about. It’s kinda sad, because there used to be so many more locations, and now there are so few.

Baconator Trio

and yes, that is my ORANGE jacket in the background.


This burger contains three square patties, ketchup, three slices of cheese, and nine pieces of bacon.

I have to start by saying that the actual product does not compare to the nicely photoshopped promotional material that we keep seeing. The wrapped burger was actually quite squished when I opened it. I also have to mention that this concoction took 10 minutes to make.

The patties were quite unstable. They came apart quite easily. As for the taste, you can equate to any fast food burger you’ve ever had. The bacon itself wasn’t overcooked and was quite nicely done. The overall product was a mishmash of all that’s not good to eat in a fast food restaurant, or any place that serves food for that matter. I wasn’t impressed or taken aback, but what can I say for this monstrosity of human evolution. It is quite filling, but not completely overwhelming. A must try if you have a need to die within the next few hours. I’ll let you all know if this burger kills me.

NOTE:  I wrote this in April 2010, and I am glad to report, I’m still not dead yet.

French Fries

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