Burger 99: Le Coin G | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

8297 St-Dominique
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Jarry
Bus: STM 52, 55, 193

Visit: May 31, 2011


This is the 99th location in my burger search. Specifically, for this point of the search, I chose a place that hardly anyone ever talks about. Located in a remote part of town, Le Coin G is one of those places where my expectations were hit or miss. First off, the waitress who took my order completely forgot to bring the ice tea I asked for. I asked the other server for it. So, burger search history was made, where the drink came after the burger. Once my thirst was satisfied, I noticed the original waitress was no where to be found. Despite that, the service from the other server was decent enough for me not to really complain any more. The restaurant itself is quite small. I came in towards the end of lunch rush, so I can’t really speak for the ebb and flow of the customers. Then again, service or location doesn’t make the burgers great, the ingredients matter more.

Burger Le Gastronome

This burger contains pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, “oignon confits,” and bacon.

The first thing I noticed, other than the catchy name, when this burger was still open-faced, was the pickle. I had my doubts that a pickle, sliced in half, would be suitable for a burger like this. My worries had a lot to do with the bite. I was relieved when the bites weren’t so perturbed by the presence of such a large pickle. The big highlight of this burger were the onions. The presence of “oignons confit” created a sweet taste that made the burger memorable. It was a real pleasant change from what I’ve been used to. Even with the pretty decent taste, I was disappointed by the lack of punch that cheese and bacon were supposed to have. The last big detail to note was the excessive need for napkins due to the seeping mayonnaise. If a burger is worth it, napkin use, no matter how much, is still worth the trouble. This sleeper burger was a pretty good way to put a cap on the second year of the burger search. It may not be a “great” one, but it’s still one I recommend trying.

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