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1676 Lincoln
Montreal, Quebec

Visit: May 21, 2011

Metro: Guy-Concordia
Bus: STM 15, 24, 57, 66, 165, 166, 427, 435

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz for this dumplings restaurant in the last few months and I had to check it out. Unfortunately, there are a few lessons that need to be learned. The first and only true lesson is to now eat an hour before coming here.

The restaurant only really serves dumplings and that’s a good thing. The other tables, three of them, ordered nothing but dumplings. In a market that saturated with Chinese restaurants, a specialty restaurant is what Chinatown 2 needs. This was my first ever visit to Chinatown’s long lost orphan cousin and hopefully it won’t be my last.

Shrimp and Pork Fried Dumplings

Tried: May 21, 2011

The one thing any patron of dumplings should know is that they take a very long time to come to your table. I spent a lot of time watching the 4 kitchen staff churn out 15 dumplings. I ate 12 of them and it didn’t do it for me. It’s not that the dumplings were bad or anything, it just wasn’t my taste. The dumpling shell tasted weird for me and I would just rather stick to my Siu Mai favorites.

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