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3255 Rosemont
Montreal, Quebec

Visit: May 4, 2011

Bus: STM 67, 197, 467

I found myself at this local fast food restaurant because a colleague and I were waiting for the opening of a nearby book sale. I’ve passed by this area so many times in the past that I’ve always noticed this restaurant. I never entered or considered it because it’s fast food. However, when someone suggests something to me, I take it seriously. You order much like any fast food place. This place is different because there is only one cashier hooked up with a microphone, relaying orders to the cooking line. Once your order, you more down a line and wait for your order. The place is packed as it is located near a major intersection and a major private school (that didn’t hire me, by the way). I was questioning whether or not we’d get a seat, but sure enough, one opened up.

Sous-marin Special

Tried: May 4, 2011

This submarine contains steak, lettuce, sauce, tomatoes, and smoked meat.

I’ve had many submarines in my time, but never one with smoked meat before. When I heard about his, I was truly intrigued. The sandwich was very good. The one challenge was eating it. I went with the in-hand approach, which was really messy. While I was eating, I was watching my colleague eating it with a fork and knife. I should’ve done that. The taste was really good and I may come back to try it again.


Tried: May 4, 2011

The poutine was a mistake on my part. I thought I could put down a whole submarine and a poutine. I did, but I paid dearly for it. There was nothing wrong with the poutine since it tasted great, but it should’ve been ingested when I had less in my stomach.

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