Annex 12: Marathon Souvlaki | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

3938 Notre-Dame
Laval, Quebec

Visit: April 26, 2011

Bus: STL 26, 46, 60, 66, 151

This was the second time I’ve been to this restaurant during the last school year. The first time I was there, I forgot to take pictures, so this time, I was ready for action. The servers in this establishment are very hardworking and cordial. For what is was worth, the value for the lunch menu was good, as the portions were really huge.

Doner Gyros Small Plate

Tried: April 26, 2011

This dish contains a Greek salad, potatoes, rice, and beef.

This was the dish that introduced me to this restaurant. I had this the first time I was here and I was going to have it again. The portions are huge and I had trouble finishing it. Being the competitor I am, I always finish, and that’s what I did. The potatoes are nothing out of this world, as is the rice. The highlights of the meal are the beef and salad. I usually save the best parts for last. The last two things on the plate were the beef and the feta cheese.

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