Annex 9: Noodle Factory | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

1018 Saint-Urbain
Montreal, Quebec

Visit: April 1, 2011

Metro: Place D’Armes
Bus: STM 14, 55, 129, 150, 410, 427, 430, 435, 747

This restaurant was recently voted #4 in the Mirror’s Best of Montreal poll of best noodles. We visited this location prior to that ruling out of sheer curiosity. The first thing you’ll notice was that this place is extremely small. The need for turnover is extremely high. Once a table leaves, another one needs to be filled. The big even that took us off guard was when the waiter came to clear our table. He took what was left on the dish and deposited it into our plates, saying, “no left overs, no waste now.” In my opinion, that’s a big NO-NO.

Chinese Vinegar

This was on the table. This is meant to be used with dumplings. This smells awful. This was so awful, I contemplated taking some with me for use on unruly students in class.

Siu Mai

Tried:  April 8, 2011

Siu Mai is a type of dumpling that can contain many different ingredients, most notably shrimp.  This was by far, of the three dishes ordered, the one that delivered for me.  Whenever I go to a Chinese buffet or to a Dim Sum place, this is high on my list of things to get.  Whether you add soya sauce or not, the taste is always great.

Beef Stir Fried Handmade Noodles

Tried: April 8, 2011

These are supposedly handmade noodles, but I doubt that. These noodles were too soft for me. They tasted okay, but nothing too memorable. This made me miss my crispy chow mein noodles.

Steamed Pork Chinese Dumplings

Tried: April 8, 2011

This looks good on paper, but it didn’t do the trick for me. The dumpling casing taste a little weird for my taste. I come to find out that this is the norm when getting dumplings. A word of advice, let them cool down before consuming. This was, however, one of the most ordered dishes when I was there. If you do order this, it does take a very long time to come to your table.

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