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Mr. Lew revisited Laurier Gordon Ramsay in October of 2011, to see that, click HERE.



381 Laurier Ouest
Montreal, Quebec

Visit: March 26, 2011

Bus: STM 51, 80, 435, 935

Currently closed due to change of ownership.

One of my family members (or someone really close to our family) suggested we reunite the siblings for a visit to this soon-to-be revamped Montreal restaurant. We all know that chef Gordon Ramsay is slated to turn this place into one of high esteem and valor. That remains to be seen. I’ll be interested to see if a burger finds itself on the new menu. This evening was also interesting because the restaurant dimmed the lights for Earth Hour.


Chicken Breast Meal

Tried: March 26, 2011

Rotisserie chicken is something that I now dread. Years of Scores chicken can do that to you. I am numb to this dish and this restaurant didn’t help that. However, the point wasn’t really the food, but the company. I really do hope that Gordon Ramsay has some sort of miracle planned, because I wasn’t impressed.


Apple Pie

Tried:  March 26, 2011

I like everything that has to do with cooked apples.  Everything from McDonald’s Apple Pies to the side dish at a Baton Rouge.  When I saw this in the menu, I had to try it.  I was disappointed because it was cold.  That put a stop to my enthusiasm about apples for that one night.

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