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1261 Bernard
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 46, 80, 119, 160, 161, 435, 935

Visit: May 17, 2011


Nestled in the midst of Outremont and surrounded by competition up the wazoo, this restaurant was quite busy during my entire visit. It’s actually rare for me to see people waiting for tables during any one of my random visits to the places I go to. The service was decently cordial with a reasonable waiting time. The one thing to note is that this restaurant is located right next to a future GBS location.

Hamburger Souvenir

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized oninions, mushrooms, brie, and bacon.

The last few times I’ve had burgers with brie were quite good. This time, I was hoping for the same results. Even though the taste was fine, I couldn’t really tell where the cheese was. Either that’s a good thing, or it’s not. It’s always a matter of opinion. The onions seemed to be disguised as potato sticks, unless they really were not what they looked like. The meat was fine and a little pink, which did not bother me as much as its size compared to the bun. Overall, this burger tastes alright, but for me, I was happier with the fries.

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