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518 Aviation Road
Queensbury, New York

Bus:  GGFT 11, 12

Visit:  April 8, 2013

The trip to New Jersey/New York has now come full circle.  For 4 days in the beginning of April, the experience in those two iconic states has been one that shall never be forgotten.  At this point, it was time to make our way back home.  It was only fitting that since our trip came full circle, that we made one last stop in the Queensbury area to have one last meal as a group.

Having spent the day driving alongside Interstate 87, with a pit stop in Woodbury, we were getting hungry.  We remembered our success at Friendly’s in Queensbury, so we figured we could make it 2 for 2 along the same stretch of road.  It was at this point when we arrived at this brightly lit diner.

The name Ambrosia, as it turns out, is Greek.  As part of Greek mythology, the term is akin to the drinks and food of the gods.  I think it was the only fitting place to end up at since I spent 4 days with 3 Greek individuals.  All I know is that I heard enough Greek music to last me a lifetime.

Since it was quite late in the evening, the place wasn’t quite full.  I couldn’t quite see all of the dining room floor, but there were only a handful of occupied tables.  This made me quite worried, but we would soon find out why that might be.

The restaurant, from the outside and from the inside, looks quite stunning.  The decor was quite impressive and bright.  It really brings you back to the old-school diner of the time, right at the side of the road.  To add to that, the booths were nice and spacey, allowing us to eat with relative comfort.

The interesting part of traveling with Greek people is the fact that we tend to find them everywhere.  We found some at Wrestlemania and it wasn’t shocking to find out that the owners were Greek as well.  When the server found this out, they went and fetched the manager.  The manager was also Greek.  This is where the experience was made.  We managed to interact with this person throughout the entire meal.  Things even got better when the manager announced that they were coming to Montreal over the summer.  Numbers were exchanged and plans were being made.  Meanwhile, I’m just sitting there taking this all in.

In our interactions with this manager, we learned a great deal about Ambrosia.  It turns out that this restaurant is only 4 months old.  Located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, it doesn’t really help business.  The owners actually have another 3 restaurants, so I’m not too worried for them.  The manager was definitely hoping that summer would help things out.

Interesting interactions weren’t just reserved with the manager, but the server as well.  When it came time to clear some of the dishes, the server asked Steakman if it was okay.  Along with that request, the comment was made that they were hoping Steakman wouldn’t bite the hand off.  At other times, it probably would’ve been taken as an offending comment, but he just rolled with it.

The menu at Ambrosia diner is quite extensive.  They offer all kinds of things including my favorites, burgers.  When Steakman saw that gleam in my eye, he started to worry for me.  He thought I was nuts to order a fifth burger in 4 days.  To me, I would of been full of regrets to leave this stone unturned, since the likelihood of me ever returning here would be slim to none.

Turkey Dinner

This was Steakman’s turkey dinner that he ordered to eat.  I had the chance to try a piece.  Normally, I wouldn’t be too keen to try turkey, as it’s normally quite dry, but the sauce on top of this one made up for that.

Ambrosia Burger

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, American cheese, and bacon.

For this burger, I had to make a very strategic move.  I’ve had my fill of fries for the weekend and I was more than thrilled to take mashed potatoes.  The mashed potatoes were nice and had very few lumps.  In all, it was the perfect side dish for the occasion.

The next thing I have to note was the accompanying coleslaw.  Normally, I don’t make notes about coleslaw, but this one was different.  It had a kind of a citrus taste to it, one that I really enjoyed.  I was thinking of getting more, but that would have been crazy.

For the second burger in a row, I was asked how I wanted it done, which I rarely get in Montreal.  Also, to be clear, the burger didn’t come with bacon, as it was an extra.

Upon first glance, the burger doesn’t look like anything special.  But, when you start combining the simple ingredients with the fact that it was cooked to order, you have something special.  The combination of tastes was one that left me quite satisfied.

The burger was also quite well built and didn’t have very many structural issues.  What also pleased me a great deal was the fact that it came to the table at the requested temperature.  So, up to this point, of all the five burgers I tried on this trip, this was by far the top one.  To think, Steakman almost convinced me to have something else.

Chocolate Layer Cake

To finish things off, it was only fitting to have dessert.  Of the expansive list of desserts, this one was the most appealing.  I think I made the right choice.  The cake was soft and moist, leaving absolutely no regrets.

Final Verdict

Ambrosia Diner is still a relatively new place in the Queensbury area.  With time, we’ll see how it’ll fare against the constraints of the location is has.  For us, it was a place that managed to fill up 4 picky eaters.  We had a special experience with a staff that saw to our every need.

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