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This is the second visit to Méchant Boeuf, click HERE for the first post.

124 Saint-Paul O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Place d’Armes
Bus:  STM 14, 55, 129, 715

Visit:  January 29, 2013


In July of 2011, this Great Burger Search went through its turning point, one that changed the way this whole enterprise was approached.  The restaurant that was part of that slow transformation was Méchant Boeuf.  With Happening Gourmand wrapping up, my third visit compelled me to have a much different kind of burger in a restaurant that had a strong first outing.

My second visit to Méchant Boeuf wasn’t really supposed to happen.  With life being the way it is, schedules were rearranged and plans shuffled around more than the Funky Chicken.  With my heart set on another one of the Happening Gourmand locations for that specific day, I was reluctant to return to a place that I’ve already “conquered.”  Then again, this search is more about the different burgers and not the restaurants themselves.

On this nice January evening, Steakman and I made our way to the restaurant.  Accompanying us was an acquaintance of his, making us a trio of very eager eaters.  The special Happening Gourmand menu offers another perspective of what the restaurant has to offer.  The goal this time around was to experience something different than the last time around.

Compared to my last visit, Méchant Boeuf hasn’t changed very much.  One of the things that bothered Steakman a bit was the intense red light that overshadowed the entire room.  As a matter of fact, he requested that we change tables so that the light wouldn’t be in his eyes all night.  The staff were very understanding.  Since it was still early in the proceedings and the room still less busy, our request was accepted quite quickly.

One of the expectations that we had coming into the evening was something we were told a few nights before.  We were told that the service here was somewhat slow.  Honestly, the speed of the service was a tad bit too slow for our taste.  Though, what lacked in speed, was made up for in the interactions we had with the server.  At one point, we exchanged Happening Gourmand info and thoughts.  I even made sure to ask about the current Montreal Poutine Week.  The server was nice enough to get me these cards.


Braised Pork Poutine

Before ordering from the Happening Gourmand menu, Steakman just had to choose this poutine.  This is the very same poutine that I had during Burger 105.  Topped with braised pork, the Charlevoix cheese was definitely the highlight of the poutine.  This poutine is the one where I got to learn the important squeak rule. 

On this evening, I was offered a bite and I couldn’t resist.  With that bite, I could immediately sense that the poutine was more than on par.  The cheese squeaked and that was quite satisfying.  For my two counterparts, they were quite impressed with the poutine to such a point where we could have chalked up the victory then and there.

Homemade Pork Charcuterie

This was Steakman’s choice of appetizer.  This is a platter of pork with a duo of condiments.

Beet Arancini

These are beet croquettes with goat cheese.

Choosing an appetizer for this visit from the special menu wasn’t an easy task.  For the most part, it was the lesser of all evils.  Luckily, my gamble paid off and the arancini was quite good.  I had another type of arancini in the past and this one might not have topped the prior, but it was enough to get the ball rolling.  I was dreading having the beets, but once I took a bite, those concerns disappeared.


Nagano Pork Loin

This is a grilled pork loin with a cheese puree and mushrooms.

This is what both my counterparts had as a main dish.  They were both quite impressed with what they had.  I also had a chance to try a piece of pork and I was actually quite blown away.

KMB Burger

This chicken burger contains chipolte, lettuce, tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, and bacon.

Choosing a second burger at Méchant Boeuf was a difficult decision.  Ideally, I would only return to a restaurant once I had no other new places to try.  But, with the longevity of the Burger Search always something that I’m interested in, trying all the different burgers is something that will happen once in a while, though I try to avoid it.

What made the decision easier to have this burger was the fact that it was a chicken burger.  Normally, I wouldn’t go forth with a chicken burger unless I was scheduling it like I did for Burger 170.  But, this was probably an opportunity that I would never see again at this restaurant.

Just based on sights alone, the chicken burger looks quite impressive.  What is more astounding is that Steakman, a person who doesn’t normally want burgers, made a declaration that he would conquer the KMB in the future.  For me, that’s telling.  The presentation of the chicken burger was the first good sign.

Before getting to the basic burger criteria, I have to praise the quality of the chicken chosen to give its life in the quest to feed me.  Each bite of the chicken was off the charts.  I really liked my first ever chicken burger in December, but this one really takes the cake.  The size of the chicken pieces were absolutely huge and were quite filling.

What adds to the chicken burger’s power was the choice of ingredients that allowed the chicken to really stand out.  None of those ingredients were lost, nor did they overshadow the chicken.  The option to add bacon to the burger was a welcome one and it really did the trick.

Unfortunately, my level of satisfaction with the burger was diminished a bit by the structural issues that you just couldn’t ignore.  As you can see in the picture, the massive chicken pieces were slanted towards one side of the burger.  That led to a juggling of sorts of the burger.  At one point, I had to struggle to keep this massive chicken burger together.  Even though this was an issue, the combination of tastes made that easy to forget.



This was our newcomer’s dessert.  This was her second ever tiramisu cake, the first being days prior at Modavie.  According to her, this particular one at Méchant Boeuf was superior.

Chocolate and Spice Cake

This is a chocolate cake with spices.  Much like the choosing of the burger, picking the dessert was a difficult one.  I always wanted to try tiramisu, but I figure I should wait for the right one first.  I have a thing for chocolate cake, which is what put this choice over the top.

This was also Steakman’s choice and he wasn’t thrilled with the cake itself.  What I gather about this cake is that it is an acquired taste.  I actually enjoyed the cake very much.  It brings a unique taste, one that you won’t find in your average chocolate cake.

Final Verdict

My second visit to Méchant Boeuf was just as good as my first.  The company both times was enhanced by the food we were served.  I can honestly say that I’m 2 for 2 when it comes to burgers at Méchant Boeuf.  While the service was a tad bit slow, the food more than made up for that.


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