Burger 76: Mont-Royal Hot Dog | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

1001 Mont-Royal
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Mont-Royal
Bus: STM 11, 97

Visit: January 11, 2011

Famous for it’s hot dogs, one can see that the business is take-out. The flow of delivery drivers going in and out was constant during my entire visit. There were even a cast of regulars. The service was cordial as the server treated the customers well.

All-Dressed Burger w/Bacon+Cheese

This burger contains coleslaw, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and bacon. This burger is a larger version of something you can get at a Quebec fast food location. The taste was good as it included the hot dog coleslaw, which reminded me of the kind I could get near home. The issue was the bottom bun because I felt the bottom bun seemed weaker than the top. Other than that, it was a decent burger.

The noticeable poutine is an upgrade that you can get. Alongside the onion rings, the poutine is a decent part of the whole meal. I really didn’t have an issue with the poutine itself. But then again, I’m not the poutine search guy, nor the hot dog search guy.

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