Burger 71: Gerry's Delicatessen | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

3982 Ontario
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: STM 125, 139

Visit: December 18, 2010

One of the things I noticed what the courtesy shown by wait staff towards the customers. Despite that, you can be kept waiting for a little bit because they juggle so many tables. While waiting, I was forced to take in the Rangers/Flyers game on the MSG network. Not fun when you’re a Habs fan. Even if you have to wait a bit, the servers really make you feel important while they are dealing with you.

Burger Classique w/Bacon and Cheese

This burger contains coleslaw, onions, pickles, tomatoes, cheese, and bacon. This is much like a burger you can get at a corner greasy spoon, but much bigger. The all-dressed nature of it makes it very good. I believed the addition of cheese and bacon would change things, but they were kind of lost in the mix. Despite my favorite ingredients getting lost in the shuffle, the taste and satisfaction of the meal was high enough. I was full and satisfied.

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