Burger 40: Moe's Bar and Grill | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

3950 Sherbrooke Est
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Pie-IX
Bus: STM 97, 139, 185, 439

Visit: March 24, 2010


This is the third different Moe’s location to be visited by the Burger Search. I was lucky that I got in at the tail end of lunch rush. The ordering was quick and the burger was received rather quickly. Location-wise, being next to a cegep can’t hurt, but being across the street from a La Belle Province can be tricky.

Moe’s Burger

The burger contains tomatoes, lettuce, swiss cheese, and bacon. This burger had all the ideal ingredients with the exception of the cheese. I was thinking that a cheddar cheese would have stood out more as there were times where I could not taste the swiss. The size of the burger is quite satisfactory. I didn’t have any complaints about having to fight the burger as each bite was flavorful until the end. The unique fries or potato pieces were a nice side to have.

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