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1739 Pierre-Peladeau
Laval, Quebec

Bus: STL 42, 56, 60, 61, 66, 70

Visit: January 13, 2010


For a trendy place, the service didn’t live up. For one, I was kept waiting a least ten minutes for a waiter to see me so that I could place an order. I don’t mind waiting for the food, but waiting to order when you’re seated is a different story. It also didn’t help that the tables to my right and to my left were not bused. Those tables were unoccupied and were not cleared for at least 20-25 minutes.

Burger Classique

First and fore most, I came to Houston with one menu in mind and the same one at the front of the establishment. When I was seated, I was given a different menu that didn’t have one burger similar to ones published on their website.

I decided to go with a classic burger with bacon, swiss cheese, pickles, and onions. I’ll say that the meat was done rather satisfactorily to the point where I didn’t have to fight the burger. The ingredients worked well together. Even though the inner workings kept on trying to escape, the burger held together to the end.

I will also note the tasty and very much creamy caesar salad I had with the burger that included real good pieces of bacon.

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