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759 Cote-Vertu
Montreal, Quebec

Train:  Montpellier
Bus:  STM 121, 128, 171

Visit:  December 10, 2012

Have you ever passed some large metropolitan street and stopped to think about the many tiny places that are hidden there?  You’d be surprised how many places we overlook because they mesh with their background.  There are so many strip malls on the island of Montreal that contain places that go unknown because we just zoom past them.  One of those such places is called Crazy Falafel, located on a busy street known as Cote-Vertu.

Crazy Falafel is one of those pick-up places that is quite tiny.  You tend to go there if you’re looking for a quick fix or something that is budget friendly.  Their three locations are spread around the Greater Montreal Area to better serve a growing demand for Halal products.  Their latest location is in the heart of Downtown Montreal, right next to the Bay.  That location actually used to be another big name in the burger game, Buns.

My interest in Crazy Falafel didn’t really register until I made a bit of a discovery considering the people who are behind the operation.  The owners of the restaurant happen to be from the same community I work for.  Even though it’s a big world out there, it’s still something that made me want to see what Crazy Falafel was all about.


Like I mentioned before, Crazy Falafel isn’t that big of a place.  If you intend on eating over there, you’ll have to make do with the few tables that are lined against the wall.  The stools are quite tall, so it might be a bit awkward to eat a whole meal there.


The ordering process is very much like your local fast food establishment.  After you survey the rather large menu, you’ll see that the prices are generous and the variety is enough to keep you busy for years.  Once you solidify your order with the courteous people at the cash, all you have to do is wait.

During my visit, right before supper rush, it was pretty quiet.  There were only 2 people working the counter and that seemed more than enough.  As the night sky became more dominant, a steady flow of customers started coming in and made their orders.


My intention during my visit was to try their burger.  There were a few options on the menu, including a very large one and one with an egg.  Since I also wanted to try their poutine, I wasn’t about to order to separate trios.  Luckily, there is an option to order the burger by itself, just like the poutine.



This is the small sized poutine.  I need to mention that because the other sizes would make this one look really tiny.  Portions are somewhat generous over here and it’s something that I really wanted to note.  In combination with the burger I chose, I had quite the difficult time finishing the whole thing.

While the sauce and fries are nothing really out of the ordinary, it was the cheese that stood out.  As you’re eating the poutine, the cheese is melting in such a way that continuing to eat becomes an adventure.  Since I like adventures, it was one that I was willing to go on without much fear.  In the end, be prepared to get messy while downing your poutine.

If there was one thing I had to say about the poutine, it would be about the coverage of the sauce.  At the tail end of the eating process, I had a difficult time making sure that all the fries were covered with the sauce.  The fries were alright on their own, but the sauce took them a notch above.  The sauce just went away too quickly for me.



This burger contains coleslaw, ketchup, mayonnaise, and cheese.

This is your burger in its simplest form.  Here, you have all sorts of condiments combining together to make something quite special.  Normally, I’m not a condiment person.  I don’t go out of my way to add any condiments to a burger unless is comes that way.  To me, if the restaurant wants a burger to have ketchup, they’ll put it on the burger at the get-go.

The combination of ketchup and mayonnaise create a unique taste that makes this burger out of the ordinary.  There is a certain appeal to having a burger with the ketchup/mayo combination.  When I took my first bites, I was real happy and glad that I made the choice to come here.


As the meal went on, with the “small” poutine also being consumed, I got burger fatigue.  No matter how good a burger is, you’ll start regretting every bite.  The combination of the two condiments can be an acquired taste.  If you’re not used to having those two, it can become hard to put down. 

My slight complaint towards this burger would be in the lack of punch for the cheese.  The cheese is clearly in the picture, but it doesn’t play much of a role.  The simple, overpowering nature of both ketchup and mayonnaise make it a moot point.

Overall, I certainly get the appeal of a burger like this.  It’s clear that all the parts of the burger were carefully thought out before being offered on the menu.  It would certainly have its own following and one that is much deserved.


Final Verdict

If you’re ever in the Cote-Vertu area and are looking for something crazy, rest assured that Crazy Falafel will have something that will satisfy your urges.  For the price you’ll be paying, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be full.

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