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3171 St-Jacques O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Lionel-Groulx
Bus:  STM 36, 71, 78, 108, 191, 211, 405, 411, 425, 485, 491, 496, 747

Visit:  December 4, 2012


In keeping with a decision I made last year, I decided to expand beyond the traditional beef burgers in the hope the make sure that even more burgers can be tried.  The next step in that process takes us to the realm of chicken burgers, one that isn’t so easy to find.  Once that research has been completed, the literal search brought me to a place that’s been right under my nose for the last few years, Rosty Poulet.

Looking for a chicken burger wasn’t the easiest task on the planet.  Throwing out the question to the various social outlets didn’t really gather the response I was hoping for.  As a matter of a fact, most claimed that it really wasn’t worth looking for.  I wasn’t about to give in and use a place that really wasn’t worth a re-visit.  I wanted to find a place that I haven’t been to before and one that no one was really talking about.  With some time spent using a very popular search engine, I came up with a very promising lead.

That search led me to a place called Rosty.  One very vague comment on a restaurant information site led me to believe that there was a chicken burger to be had.  While browsing the restaurant’s website turned up nothing, I was going to be taking a leap of faith by going out to see if there was indeed a chicken burger.  Either way, what I was telling myself on the way there was that I was going to have chicken any which way.  If you read anything written about Rosty, you’ll come to see that chicken is really their specialty.

The story behind Rosty is that a single mother from South America came over to Montreal.  Much like all newcomers to a different part of the world, they need to find some way to establish themselves.  While others are resigned to falling into a lower status of life, chicken was the key to setting herself apart.

With a great sense of optimism that I was going to at least try good chicken, I was on my way, not knowing what I was going to find.  Rosty, much to my surprise, is located right outside the Lionel-Groulx metro station.  That happens to be one of my more favorite locations on the entire island of Montreal.  A place like this, right outside one of the busiest transportation hubs, has already one of the building blocks it takes to make something of itself.

It was just after 3 p.m. when I showed up to the location.  I didn’t want to have to wait so long and it was the right time to come.  As I made it to the door, I noticed the sign that brought me great relief, the chicken burger was new and available.  I entered the restaurant and made my way down to the ordering counter, ready to try a different kind of burger.

On first inspection, the restaurant looks like your typical fast food joint.  The dominance of red and white in the decor creates a distinct signature that may make some happy, while others might be somewhat turned off by the sight.  You order much like at a fast food place and wait for your food in the same manner.

There are a variety of tables around the floor.  There are about half a dozen booths and one rather large table at the front of the room.  While the restaurant might be a little aesthetically questionable, the booths are quite comfortable.  In the end, the food is really what anyone is coming for.

This was the view from the booth I chose to sit in.  During the course of my time there, I had a pretty good view of everything around me.  I watched, as great care went into cooking and preparing the chicken burger.  As the music played and the burger was being consumed, another customer came in, breaking my solo dining experience.  Again, it should be noted that it was still mid-afternoon.

The trio of the chicken burger is one that quite budget friendly.  For under ten dollars, you’ll get the burger, fries, and a drink for about the same price as something comparable to another fast food restaurant.

Before I get to the burger, I have to mention the fries.  As I was doing my research into Rosty, one of the common threads was that their fries were above par.  After having tried them myself, I can honestly say that they are.  The fries are crispy, but not too much.  What sets them apart were the spices that the restaurant uses.  They may look like something you’d get elsewhere, but that’s where the similarities end.

Chicken Burger

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, relish, sauce, and chicken.

For some, myself included, chicken burgers are not too tempting.  If chicken isn’t done just right, it becomes something that lacks much taste.  I can’t count the number of rotisserie places that I’ve been turned off of because of that fact alone.  In the realm of chicken burgers, other fast food chains have butchered those.  Even the big time fast food chicken place’s quality has greatly diminished.  I was hesitant of doing a chicken burger, but there was no time like the present.

The presentation of this burger was actually quite refreshing mostly because it looked like its beef counterpart.  If you don’t really take a close look, you could probably be fooled into thinking that this wasn’t chicken at all.  The size of the burger was also quite acceptable.

The ingredients chosen to accompany the piece of chicken were actually well chosen.  The lettuce and tomatoes were as good as any other burger I’ve ever had.  What really set this burger over the top was the sauce chosen.  When you took a bite out of the burger, it actually tasted like one.  The only difference that one can ascertain was that there was chicken.

The structure of the burger was also quite well done.  The chicken patty was just as large as the bun it accompanied.  All the ingredients stayed intact, save a few pieces of lettuce that tried to flee.

What would really make my judgement of the burger was the actual piece of chicken.  The piece was actually quite thin and breaded.  The crust of the chicken piece wasn’t so crispy, but was easy enough to eat without trouble.  The small size of the chicken might make others wonder, but it was just right to make sure no taste was lost.

The taste of that chicken was what put the burger over the top.  Some might describe the taste of the entire burger as too fast food, but I don’t.  The chicken patty was finished off with very distinct spices, which easily sets it apart from that infamous fast food place that offers a junior version of the chicken burger.  After it was all said and done, I was quite happy with what I just had.

Final Verdict

Rosty might come off like any other fast food chain, but the quality of the food is beyond that.  While the decor might come off a tad bit strange, it is something that can be easily overlooked.  In the end, the chicken burger put forth for this occasion was one that will set the standard for any other similar ones I have in the future.

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