Burger 10: Dilallo Burger | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

2851 Allard
Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Monk
Bus: STM 36, 78

Visit: October 14, 2009

This was a restaurant that comes with a high reputation. A long history of the Montreal who’s who that have frequented this establishment now includes yours truly. There are no frills with old-school fast food tables. The place was not busy at all making service quick. I do believe I was charged for the water I ordered though which I found quite weird.

Buck Burger w/bacon

The problem here was that the hype gave me high expectations. This burger was overstuffed with a whole bunch of ingredients including my desire for bacon. The first bites are great with no structural issues. As time progresses, things get harder as the entire burgers decides it doesn’t want to be a burger anymore, but rather a salad. Trying to keep this production together was a challenge that diminished my enjoyment somewhat.

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