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1593 Saint-Denis
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Berri-UQAM
Bus:  STM 14, 15, 24, 30, 125, 150, 410, 427, 430, 715, 747

Visit:  October 14, 2012

Living in the city of Montreal, we are lucky with the amount of restaurants and dessert places that we have access to.  No matter what part of town you happen to call home, there is that one place that makes those delicacies that make us want to sit around for quite a while.  In the downtown core, there is such a place, one called La Brioche Lyonnaise.

It was a cold and rainy Sunday night where I was on my way to Burger 163 with the rest of the immediate family.  On the walk from the Berri-UQAM metro station, I noticed that there was this little quaint patisserie open on a Sunday night.  A few steps later, the mere site of a Juliette & Chocolat nearly made me forget what I just noticed.  At the end of the BBQ visit, we were all ready to take a shot at dessert.  With the more well-known location still jam-packed on a Sunday evening, we were more than surprised to find out that La Brioche Lyonnaise was still open and doing business.

Our entry into the rather small location was met with a bit of a surprise.  I don’t think that they were so used to seeing such a large contingent of people come in at once.  On our part, we were surprised that they were still open.  Once a few tables were pushed together, we were ready to browse the available options.

I would describe La Brioche Lyonnaise as a bakery slash cafe.  It bests fits the latter because of the people just lounging about on a Sunday night working or studying with their laptops.  There was this one individual who had an entire table full of very important looking documents.  In the middle of our time there, he packed up everything on the table and moved further back into the store.

Off the bat, we were handed a brunch menu.  Now, it was getting kind of late and we all just came off of a rather large meal.  We were looking for that finishing touch.  My sight was set on the display case near the cash, where some nice looking cakes were basically goading me on.  The menu may have included a whole bunch of very nice sounding brunch options, but there was also a nice selection of crepes that could easily be seen as dessert.

The entire place was served by three people.  There was the individual behind the counter who looked like the brains behind the entire operation.  There was another person who ran the cash and did some cleaning up.  The third individual was our server.  That person was very patient as were having a great deal of difficulty coming up with our orders.

At this point, there was a strong chance of us getting up and leaving because we didn’t know what we wanted.  That’s the kind of the thing that makes me feel bad.  It’s such a small business and I didn’t want to sit down to only end up getting nothing.  I’ve only ever done that once in my entire life and that particular restaurant was jam packed, therefore not really missing us.  Here, I played the advocate to keep everyone put, as other options were hard to come by on a Sunday night.  In the end, I was really glad that we didn’t leave because what was to come made a lot of us happy enough.

The following are the items we chose to order.  I’m going to let the majority of the pictures speak for themselves since it wouldn’t be fair for me to write about since I didn’t taste them.

Banana Chocolate Crepes

Ice Cream Crepes

Strawberry Tart



Chocolate Mousse Cake

I make it no secret how I now have an affinity for chocolate mousse cake.  I saw this in the display case and without a proper, visible label, I wasn’t 100% sure what it was.  Deep down, I just knew that this was chocolate mousse cake.  When I asked the server what this cake was and I heard the confirmation, it was the easiest decision in the world to make.

Everything about this cake was just on par with some of the best cakes of this genre I’ve had since the first one last year.  The soft mousse interior and the slight crunch at the bottom gave me nothing to complain about.  Actually, the only real complaint you can ever have is that there wasn’t any more.  It was a good cake and a good way to end the evening.

Final Verdict

La Brioche Lyonnaise is one of those hidden places that if you walk by too fast, you’ll miss.  Sometimes, you just have to take a look at what’s around you.  Once inside, you’ll find a variety of baked goods and a place where you can settle after a nice meal.

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