Burger 162: Pitarifique | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

4160 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 29, 55

Visit:  October 12, 2012

The search for great burgers once again takes us to a rich area where food can be found even if you’re not looking.  Boulevard Saint-Laurent or The Main is one has one of the heaviest concentration of food on the entire island of Montreal.  Not only that, you can find nearly all types of cuisine on this street.  While today’s focus was not on the international fare that can be found, but on the burgers that come from Pitarifique.

In the early stages of the Burger Search, I was given a very interesting suggestion.  This was back in the time where I was very narrow with the locations that make it.  So, when Pitarifique came up, I pretty much quickly dismissed it because it didn’t seem like a place that I wanted to try so soon.  Fast forward a few years later and it’s a place that is more appealing with the feedback collected.

What needs to be said about the location is that Pitarifique recently moved from its original Rachel street establishment.  While some places move further away from their original location, Pitarifique is literally next door to its former stomping grounds.  What makes it even better is the fact that you can now stare at another burger heavyweight, Patati Patata, while you’re eating at Pitarifique.  So, in all, the competition, if it already wasn’t fierce enough, has grown that much more.

Pitarifique is not that big of a place, even in its newer digs.  You have a rather large counter dominating the floor with about half a dozen small tables.  To the left of the photo above, you have a counter facing the window.  What’s also notable are the screens showing golf during the visit.  It’s probably the only time I can remember where I could easily hear what was on television.  It reminds me of my experience playing golf.  I wasn’t that good but I managed to hit two balls.  Once I accomplished that, I was crouched over for hours.  Alright, heard that joke the same morning of my visit, but I still am not that good at golf if anyone is really wondering.

The ordering process is quite simple.  When you enter, you quickly look up the menu on the board and you tell them what you want.  The great part about the whole thing is that the prices are extremely reasonable.  For what I had, I could have easily paid twice as much for the same quality elsewhere.  That simple fact explained the mass of people coming in for take-out, which was a constant flow during the hour I was there.

When the order was set and the waiting commenced, I was eager to watch the cooking process start.  From where I was sitting, I had a great view of the grill and the assembly process for the burgers, pitas, and submarines.  I even managed to capture this candid shot of the poor burger that was set to make its final ascent into my mouth, where all good burgers go to perish.



As I was watching my food get assembled, it was when the bowl was taken out that I was wondering what I got myself into.  It’s not that unusual of an occurrence to order a poutine side with food these days, but you don’t expect the bowl to be bigger than your head.

When you get down to eating the poutine, you start with rather warm cheese and fries, which wasn’t a half bad way to start.  As you pull up the fries, the cheese starts becoming stringy, a oh so subtle reminder of my high school days.

While it is a large portion, it’s not half bad.  While you won’t find anything out of the ordinary, you’ll have a poutine that is considered to be on par with other poutines you can get elsewhere.

Deluxe Burger

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, cheese, and bacon over two quarter pound patties.

Pitarifique’s menu has a number of burger options.  When I was looking up their menu online, through a delivery site, I was looking at one option at a time.  As I proceeded with the list, the next item seemed to get better and better.  The thing is when I see a bacon cheeseburger and then, a double burger, I automatically wonder if I can combine the two.  Well, the restaurant was one step ahead of me by creating the Deluxe burger, which combines the best of both worlds.

While the burger itself is quite large, it’s not that big of a deal when you think of portion size.  The quarter pound patties don’t really put that much of a strain on you.  The issue that you usually get with eating double burgers is if they’ll be able to stay together the whole time.  With this one, I started feeling things give way in the middle of consumption, so it required some repositioning to finish in one piece, which is what happened.

The next thing of note is that the ingredients used to fill in the burger were extremely fresh.  It’s not something that I usually point out, but these were hard to ignore and made the burger that much better when compensating for another factor I’ll mention later.  The inclusion of hot peppers were bothersome at first, but quickly became moot as time passed.  I was thinking to myself that if I were to order this burger again, I would probably make it a point to leave the peppers out.

The highlight of the burger was the bacon.  The bacon was cooked just enough to retain the flavour of that Sunday brunch that everyone loves so much.  It just shows that the staff knows exactly what they are doing on the grill.  The only thing that bothered me a bit was the use of what looked like frozen patties.  While that was a concern, it didn’t translate that much when eating the burger.  The addition of the fresh ingredients and the superior bacon made sure that one negative wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In all, when I think of this burger,  I was rather pleased with the results.  While I want to judge the burger on the sum of its parts, the one frozen issue will keep it off the list of top burgers I keep, though I would never hesitate recommending this burger to anyone who wants options in the area.  The combination of taste and the budget friendly cost makes this a burger that’s hard to ignore.

Final Verdict

Pitarifique may have moved to a location that puts it right in the midst of heavy competition, its selection of budget friendly choices makes it a top contender.  The selection of ingredients made the burger one that should be tried by all.  In the end, you can’t go wrong with that and I’m really curious to see what their submarines are like.

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