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1662 De Maisonneuve O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Guy-Concordia
Bus:  STM 15, 24, 57, 66, 165, 166, 427, 435

Visit:  October 4, 2012


When doing a Great Burger Search, you try to find burgers wherever you can.  While finding burgers can be quite the easy task, getting that unique Montreal dining experience can be a whole other story.  Angela Pizza in the heart of Downtown Montreal has a burger, but it does have a whole lot more.

A couple of months back, it was suggested to me that I go to Angela’s to try their burger.  I’ve past by this place so many times over the last 3 years and never really gave it a second thought.  On this day, I was looking for something quick and a glance at the menu gave me all the reason to show up.

Every time I decide to eat a burger from a pizza restaurant, the same thought is probably going through someone’s head when they read this.  I even get the same comment when I go to a steakhouse for a burger.  Why on Earth do I even bother going to a pizza place and not have the pizza?  It’s like I’m not allowed to order something else on the menu.  Why would something be on the menu if I should never order it?  Well, to be quite honest, if it’s on a menu, it’s fair game, always.

It was a quaint Thursday afternoon and I didn’t really think that I would be in for much of an experience outside the food.  I entered the restaurant, just as I avoided the man outside spraying the sidewalk, which he was still doing as I left an hour later.  I was quickly greeted and seated within seconds.  The server showed up and we were underway.

I quickly made my order and then, I noticed something quite different.  The actual restaurant isn’t so big, but it’s enough to seat a fair amount of people.  While in other places, you can write about the decor or the vast menu of interested selections, here, it’s the atmosphere that really catches your eye.

It’s the way that the owner works with his staff that really impressed me.  In the over 200 places I’ve been to since starting this search, I have never seen such flowing and positive teamwork between restaurant workers.  The amount of motivation that came from the owner towards the cooks, all of it audible, was incredible.  From seeing and listening to all that, you can just tell that the years of experience have created a well-oiled machine, as orders just kept coming in.

It wasn’t only the interactions between staff that made the hour here pass by like that.  The owner impressed me with another really kind act, one that you don’t get to see every day.  At another table, there was a couple dining.  It wasn’t until they got up to pay that something different was noticeable.  Both members of the couple were visually impaired. 

Those of you who know Angela’s will know that you have to climb a set of awkward stairs to get into the restaurant.  As the couple finished paying, what happened next sealed my impressions of the place.  The owner left his position expediting orders to walk them both out of the restaurant and down the stairs.  That showing is a complete class act all the way.  Any feelings I have towards the food, at that point, didn’t really matter anymore.

The lone server working the floor was also a admirable character.  All the interactions with this individual were quite cordial and I had no complaints in that department.  Even when a few French fries landed on me, I found myself apologizing for who knows what reason.  Honestly, I was tired and luckily, I was quickly set back into reality.  From beginning to end, I was pretty much well taken care of.

Feta Cheese

With the restaurant menu having clearly Greek influences, I was really tempted by the side orders of feta cheese.  For this occasion, I couldn’t pass this up.  The top pieces of feta we’re on par with other times that I’ve had this type of cheese.  It was the bottom pieces that left me for a loop a bit.

Eating these were a bit of a challenge.  Normally, I’m able to slice a piece and get at it quite quickly.  As I cut a piece in half, that piece would start to crumble a bit, forcing me to scoop it all up as I didn’t want to waste anything.  While I was a little bit frustrated with this, I had no regrets whatsoever in ordering this extra side.

Bacon Cheeseburger

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and bacon.

Whenever I have a burger at a place where I know getting something else would have been a better idea, the expectations aren’t really that elevated.  With that being said, I didn’t really want to throw in the towel right off the bat.  This is the part of the Burger Search that has to be meticulous, going through each and every burger this island has to offer, no matter how low on the totem pole they are.

The moment the burger landed on the table, two thoughts went through my mind.  The first thought was that the burger was a lot larger than I expected.  This was a good sign that I might be having something worth remembering.  The second thought was about the patty itself.  I pretty much knew how it would taste like before even taking a bite.  I never thought I would ever see the day where I’d be able to do that.

With that all being said, there was a decent strategy to be used in order to get the most out of this burger.  If you eat the burger without all the ingredients, you may leave with a bad impression.  The best idea is to make sure you have a bit of everything in each bite.  That way, the combination of cheese and bacon will help things out a bit.  On its own, the meat leaves a lot to be desired.

The structure of the burger, since the size is a little bit bigger than what you’d expect, is a minor issue.  You have to be careful to make sure things don’t fall out.  So, as you continue eating this burger, make sure to even out the parts that might give way.  With that strategy being followed, things went smoothly towards the end of the burger.

The shining light of the burger was the bacon.  Normally, in recent burgers, I’ve been having a tough time being able to identify the bacon element of the burger.  First of all, the amount of bacon attributed to this burger was simply quite generous and made me quite happy, even in this time of global shortage.  The taste was strong and was able to be the dominant flavour of the burger, which made the other elements shine a lot better.  If this bacon is any indication, I am totally ready to make a quick dash to return to Angela’s to see how it works on a pizza.  In a burger, sometimes, it’s the smallest things that really stick with you in the end, just like this inclusion of bacon.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Alright, I’ll admit it, the real reason I showed up to Angela Pizza was to have another piece of chocolate mousse cake.  In late 2011, I took that step into chocolate mousse heaven and never looked back.  The second I saw this on the menu, I just knew I had to come here.

The thing I really liked was the fact that it was a simple cake without all the unnecessary frills that really go to waste.  With the tiny spoon that was offered with the cake, I was more than ready to end my stay in this pizzeria with a bang.

Each bite of the chocolate mousse part of the cake were just as good as any cake I’ve had in the past.  It was the bottom part of the cake that surprised me a bit.  The bottom was a normal chocolate cake, as opposed to a more crispy layer that other mousse cakes had.  Even though I was disappointed about that for a split second, the chocolate mousse part of the cake really made up for that.

I normally don’t take pictures of the bills I receive, but this time, I couldn’t resist.  If you take a close look at the names of what I had, you’ll know why I was amused.  The English teacher in me just loved this.

Final Verdict

Angela Pizza is a well known name in the Downtown core of Montreal.  My introduction to this establishment showed me something that really impressed me.  The close knit staff really put care into each and every order.  I felt that this family restaurant was still alive and kicking because of that care.  You don’t find that many places anywhere that give you that feeling.  While I tried the burger, I can’t wait for the day where I would get to try their pizza.

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