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September brings in a brand new school year and various renewed energies.  The Great Burger Search is now officially 3 years old and looking towards turning 4 in one year.  With that being said, September of 2012 also marked the highest single day traffic numbers for the blog.  On that point, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who take time out of your busy days to visit what it is I do.  You have no idea how much I appreciate it and always encourage you to visit every page on the site.

With all the mushy stuff out of the way, here’s what happened in September 2012:

At the end of August, as I finished my first teaching day of the brand new school year, I received an e-mail from CBC Radio 88.5 FM on the behalf of the Homerun afternoon drive show.  With telephone tag being what it is, their intention of having me on air that very day didn’t come into fruition.  After a very pleasant phone call with the researcher, I was set to come on the air during Labour Day Monday.

On that very morning, another follow-up series of phone calls occurred we were finally set to get things rolling.  For the brief burger interview, I was to be joined by the mean eater person himself, Na’eem Adam.  So, the long and strange escalator ride through Beaudry station was time to contemplate what was going to be my first in-studio radio appearance ever.

The interview itself was quite short and contained nothing that you probably don’t already know.  After the experience, I didn’t really want to write a recap because nothing of real consequence was ever given, and from my knowledge, only 2 people heard the interview.  I don’t even think the host heard the interview.

What I’ll probably remember the most about that day what was happened after the interview.  I got to spend a few moments with Na’eem as he went around Montreal, keeping tabs on what was happening with Burger Week MTL.  We even went into Burger Bar on Crescent to see what was happening.  There, I got an eyeful of the larger than life Hangover Burger.

Another highlight was getting to ride the special car leased by BMW Laval.  What was notable about it was that P.K. Subban and Louis Leblanc both spent some time in the same car that I was in.  Even if that was something awesome, I will not soon forget watching Na’eem attempting to put up posters on the car windows and watching them blow away.  I’m really glad that the week turned out to be a huge success.

September was also a month of milestones and one that some people might not want me to brag about.  On September 6th, I reached my 10,000th tweet.  For the occasion, I prepared a special celebratory post that you can see here.  I know that 99.9% of all tweets are meaningless dribble drabble, but some of the most valuable things I get from doing the Great Burger Search comes from my interactions with the people who made that decision to follow me.  For that, regardless of how many of them are bots, I thank them all for putting up with me.

1.  JoBlo

Even if September started off with a lot of fluff, I was determined to get myself back into the business of trying new burgers.  JoBlo was a big time place I had on my list and it was worthy enough to be the home of the third Burger Night.  My Burger Nights never end up normally and this one was no different.  However, the biggest thing that I got from that night, aside from a giant horse lamp, was getting to try bacon bullets.

2.  La Betise

La Betise was home to a new monthly family tradition that I hope will last quite the while.  It’s a very interesting, yet tiny restaurant that has an Asian slant to it.  There, I got to add another first to my search, a burger with caviar.  Also, with the picture you see above, a strong candidate for a picture that marked 2012.

3.  Cheeburger Cheeburger, Jolifou, and La Paryse

September marked a sad month for the realm of burgers.  Three places that were part of the search have either closed their doors or are planning to.  In the case of La Paryse, October 31st will be a day that will mark an end to their stranglehold on the minds of burger lovers.  The word is that they plan on opening elsewhere.  For Jolifou, we’re crossing our fingers that the owners and staff will pop up somewhere else in the not too distant future.  The picture you see above is of Cheeburger, who probably were never able to pay for the missing “SE.”  Joking aside, rest in peace and thank you.

4.  Rumi Express

I’ve never seen a picture of poutine get so much play like this one got on my Facebook page.  If you read the post, the poutine wasn’t really the star of the day, it was the dark horse burger.  Though, burger aside, you might see the fruits of that day’s photographer on their website in the near future where I might appear, blurred out hopefully.

5.  Comptoir 21

I wrapped up the month with Burger 160 and another milestone, the first fish burger to hit the books of the Burger Search.  From this point forward, every tenth burger will be something out of the ordinary, with Burger 170 hopefully being of the feathered variety.  In Comptoir 21’s case, it being one of the most talked about fish burgers in the city was just too much to pass up and it was an experience that I enjoyed.

6.  Burger Week MTL (Menuism)

Burger Week MTL was a tremendous success and it reached all points around the globe.  The folks over at Menuism asked me to rush an article on the event and I was more than happy to oblige them.  I think it’s about time that I make a stunning and shameful confession.  Over the course of that week, I did not eat one burger from that list, though I was highly tempted.  But, for a change, it was really great to see so many people enjoy the burgers that Montreal have to offer.  Plus, it gave me a much needed respite from being the harsh judge that I pretend to be.  So, thank you Burger Week MTL!

7.  Burger Trucks (Menuism)

My regularly schedule post for Menuism this month was all about the great burger trucks that roam North America, which now includes Montreal’s own Winneburger.  It was a timely article since August, when the article was written, was a month of street food for everyone here in town.

Coming Up in October 2012:

-Burgers 161-164
-Fingers crossed for Chinese Night (interested? let me know!)

Stay tuned!


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