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This month constituted the second half of my vacation and I had a set checklist of things I wanted to get done.  As well, there was a brand new feature presented for the very first time in August.  In what I call ‘Burger 2 Burger,’ I sit down with interesting individuals from the Montreal area and pick their brain on everything burger related.  While I can’t promise it being a monthly feature, I’m going to try my best to bring you these interesting people regularly.  The first 2 interviews were done in August and you’ll find that both subjects were really awesome.

So, without further adieu, here is what comprised the month of August 2012:

1.  Cafe Grand

Up to this point in the Annex section of the GBS, I’ve never truly done a real sit-down brunch place.  Well, to celebrate one of the more loyal followers that I’ve ever met, I was invited to brunch at Cafe Grand.  There, on top of surprising the birthday star, I got to meet a whole bunch of interesting people.  Once all of the social game was set, it was time to feast on bacon and cupcakes, things that I find tasty.

2.  Burger 2 Burger with Yelp Montreal’s Risa and Marie-Pier

In what was a true honor and privilege, I got a chance to sit down and have lunch with the community managers at Yelp Montreal.  In the time I shared with them, I got to see why they are the perfect representation of what a Montrealer should be.  Their charisma and sense of humor make their teamwork flow like water.  During this interview, I also got to gauge their tastes in Montreal cuisine and it passed with flying colors.

3.  :)

That Burger 2 Burger interview took place at one of the most unique restaurant names I’ve ever seen in my life.  It can be interpreted in many different fashions, but :) does it best.  Their menus includes a vast smattering of breakfast options, but we were more concerned with what they offered burger-wise.

4.  Les Rotisseries Benny

One of the unofficial themes of 2012 is to bring you all to the places that make up the past and identity of yours truly.  Les Rotisseries Benny is one of the busiest delivery/take-out places in the entire South Shore of Montreal.  While some might prefer their rotisserie chicken, my go-to choice is their poutine, one that I’ll stand by.

5.  Winneburger:  Take 2

The link will take you to the original post I did on Winneburger back in July.  On August 10th, I found myself once again at Parc Emilie-Gamelin to have their rather unique cheeseburger.  It wasn’t really because I had that urge, but because I was called upon to represent them in their upcoming appearance on Food Network Canada’s Eat St.  While the episode has yet to be aired and the contents of that segment are not set in stone, I’m just proud and honored to be a very small part of that day.

6.  Abie’s Smoked Meat & Steak

The West Island has a lot of different big time chain restaurants on its territory.  So, any time you find a place that’s not one of those, you jump at it.  Abie’s offers smoked meat dishes to the many residents of the forgotten part of the island of Montreal.  While it was a must for me to get a burger, I was lucky that I was able to sample their smoked meat on top of it.

7.  Grumman’78 Counter

Grumman’78 was on my radar for a very long time.  That’s one of the places that I believe every Montrealer should try.  While I realize that their calling card is the taco, my real purpose for the visit was the fried chicken.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about that chicken and I just had to go since there were rumors of it no longer being offered.  What I got that day was a refreshed stance on the taco and a pretty awesome drumstick.

Since that post was uploaded, the Faubourg was in the news for unfortunate reasons forcing the counter to shut down temporarily.  You are still able to get their tacos at the famous green truck or at their headquarters.  Make sure you keep up with their social media.

On a unrelated note, my name is Mr. Lew and I’m a blogger who goes around trying burgers.  When I’m bored of burgers, I eat other things, like fried chicken and tacos.  That should answer some questions.  Sorry if that was cryptic.

8.  Fabergé

Fairmount street has so many places that are considered Montreal institutions.  Fabergé is one of those fairly new establishments that are hoping to but their mark on our ever-growing list of places to try.  Fresh off their appearance on CTV’s Sunday Bite, I was hoping on seeing how that was put into practice.  With a nice range of breakfast items and a really nice looking lunch special of shrimp tacos, you can’t go wrong.

9.  Kem CoBa

Right across the street from Fabergé is Kem CoBa.  The ice cream scene in Montreal is one that is crowded, so you have to be something special to stand out.  Kem CoBa is that special place.  With some of the most interesting ice cream choices seen in Montreal, you might have trouble picking the one that will suit you.  Chocolate lovers should also rejoice since that’s available in spades.

10.  La Mangeoire

In what was probably the most out of the box thing I’ve eaten this past two months, the decadent sandwich that included peanut butter, Nutella, and bacon makes me rethink my lifestyle a bit.  How can I fit in this insane creation daily without dying?  Well, if you want something that will make you question all your culinary convictions, this sandwich is it.

11.  Burger 2 Burger w/Burger Week MTL’s Na’eem Adam

September’s interview choice was a real easy one.  I had this in my mind even before I thought about the first one.  Burger Week MTL is on-going as we speak and it’s taking Montreal by storm.  With over 20 restaurants participating, all that burger love is making this city the place to be.

12.  Nouveau Palais:  Revisited

My sit-down with Na’eem Adam also gave me a chance to get myself reacquainted with one of the stars of the Fave 5.  I rarely ever get the chance to have the same exact burger twice, so I jumped at this opportunity.  The Nouveau Palais isn’t a typical burger joint, but they do the product so well.  As a matter of fact, I honestly believed that the burger was much better this time than the one I had 17 months ago.

13.  Sliders (Menuism)

When you’re talking about sliders, there is a lot of controversy that comes out.  People will engage you in a knockdown, drag out debate over what is considered a slider.  Well, I won’t comment on that part particularly.  But, what I’ll tell you is that restaurants are putting their take on it on their menus.  My latest Menuism piece features all the mini-burgers you could take.

Coming Up in September 2012:

-Burgers 157-161
-Mr. Lew’s Burger Night 3 in Verdun
-Burger 160 will be non-beef and fish is the leading candidate.

Stay tuned!


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