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Today, the last Saturday before Labour Day, is one of the most prestigious holidays for all people like me.  On this planet, there are millions upon millions of people who worship the cured delicacy known as bacon.  Bacon has been long associated with breakfast, but as time passed, it has found itself in nearly every facet of eating.  To drive that point home, did you know that bacon is a perfect dessert option?  Well, after doing some more digging in the GBS archives, I’ve come up with 5 of the most extreme bacon things I’ve put in my stomach over the last 3 years.

Before we get to the list, I just wanted to note that the city of Ottawa has a bacon festival of sorts done each June.  I’m just throwing this out there, why doesn’t Montreal have such a similar thing?  I can imagine it now, Montrealers from all walks of life, bringing forth their most out-there bacon creations.  We shouldn’t have to make the trek to the CNE exhibition to get such a fix taken care of.

Mr. Lew’s Bacon Origin

The list of 5 could not have been possible if it wasn’t for Leo Pizza in Brossard.  While some individuals might think that bacon on a pizza is criminal, I don’t.  The slice of pizza that you see above is the catalyst for my love of bacon.

1.  Bacon Brownie - Le Boucan (September 2010)

While I might have used a few napkins to eat my burger, it was something really out of the ordinary that led me to Griffintown.  Brownies and ice cream go hand in hand, but does it need something a little extra?  Well, this is where bacon comes in.  Up to that point, I’ve never heard of putting bacon in dessert, but here it was, something that I couldn’t just pass up.  While some people might be off put by that idea, it was really a nice compliment to the rest of the different flavours.  From there, I was truly zoned in on finding more bacon goodness.

2.  Bacon Flavoured Frozen Yogurt - Swurl (July 2011)

It took nearly a year, but bacon was reintroduced in my dessert stream.  As a matter of fact, bacon in my life always seems to find its way into my desserts.  On my birthday, of all days, I was tempted by something I’ve never had before, frozen yogurt.  I think that if you want me to try something I would never normally consider having, put bacon in it or on it.  I can see someone planning a plate of bacon wrapped octopus right now, I shudder to think of that.  Well, Swurl catapulted fro-yo to the next level.  Based off of me trying the bacon version, I might actually be more apt to try different frozen yogurts.

3.  Bacon Nutella Kono PLUS - Kono Pizza (August 2011)

This particular creation has a bit of a backstory to it.  I do quite a bit of bacon-related whining on Twitter and it seems like the owner of Kono Pizza in Montreal got wind of that.  So, at the blogger launch party, I was told that something special was being created, for me!  While the first attempt wasn’t quite top notch, it was the second one that stole the show.  That has a special place in my heart because it’s not every day that something like that is created just for you.

4.  Bacon Fudge and Sea Salt Milkshake - Holy Chuck Burgers in Toronto (July 2012)

I’ve never had a milkshake up to that point in my life and it took a 5 hour train ride to the city I hate mentioning by name to get one.  Again, it might be a tad bit of a turn off to put meat in something that’s supposed to be milky, but bacon had its place here too.  The thing that put it over the top was the fact that you could actually chew on chunks of bacon.  I might have regretted some of my gluttonous decisions on the way back, but now, I can say that I’ve had milkshake, even if it had bacon in it.

5.  Le Décadent - La Mangeoire Food Truck (August 2012)

So, peanut butter, Nutella, and bacon walk into a bar.  Well, doesn’t it sound like the start of joke.  I’ll be honest, this post was already in my mind when I visited La Mangeoire weeks ago.  I just need that one thing to really put the bacon-infused cherry on top of that bacon made cake.  The sandwich, which is a meal in itself, has got to be the most ingenious use of bacon I’ve ever seen.  For one, it’s not quite dessert, it’s not quite lunch, and it’s not quite breakfast.  Even if it leaves you wondering where it fits in, all you should know is that it’s something that you should at least try once. But, make sure you have your affairs in order before doing so.

Final Words

Bacon has played a tremendous role in the Great Burger Search.  Out of the over 150 burgers I’ve had in the last 3 years, just about 90% of them had bacon in them.  Bacon might be unhealthy, but it’s something that should be done in moderation.  I’ll be the first to say how much I engorge myself in bacon, but in reality, I would have to be really insane to do such a thing.  In the end, I wish you all a happy International Bacon Day and I hope you eat at least 1 bacon-related item, preferably at Burger Week MTL, which will be the subject of tomorrow’s post.


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